My Testimony

Acts 2: 17
‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

I will start this story by telling you a little about myself. First and foremost I believe in God the Father, and that his son Jesus died on the Cross for my sins. I also believe he rose from the dead and will come again for me someday. I have been baptized and also have been baptized with the Holy Spirit. I have attended presbytery where I observed in deep meditation a narrow door. What blocked the door was a fiery red torch, with a red flame. Surrounding the Torch was a Golden Eternity band.

I was born in South West Oklahoma in a small rural town. My parents moved to Amarillo in search of work. This only lasted about a year so we moved back to Oklahoma. I was brought up on a farm and learned the importance of hard work. I didn‟t have many friends as I was growing up thru my childhood years. My brother Mike was my only true friend, or so I thought. Mike and I would play all day and into the evening time, till it was time for bed. We lived in a small square style home that was known as the Wilkerson home while we were growing up. Our home was located out in the country about 5 miles west of Delhi, Oklahoma. My Grand Parents, Momma and Daddy Head lived 1 mile to the South. Uncle Don lived with them. Don, Mike and I attended Dehi School. Mama and Daddy Head saw to it that we attended Church services at the Nazarene church in Sayre Oklahoma. We attended church on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and sometimes Wednesday night services. I was brought up learning the bible stories and gaining a knowledge of the scriptures and their meaning.

At the age of 10 we moved from the country to town. It was 1961. I would soon learn the meaning of true friendship. I never realized people would treat Blacks different than Whites. I became friends with a Black kid in school. I was approached by the entire class of boys who gave me an ultimatum. I could be friends with him or them. I chose him. That very next day the kid came back to school and said he couldn‟t be my friend. When I asked why, he said: Because he couldn‟t have them treat me as they did him.

I have a wonderful wife who supports every need. I have a wonderful home, small but meets our needs. I also have a wonderful job that makes our living. We have good Christian friends from work and home. I have many hobbies that I enjoy doing. I am not that different from you. Although, I remember every dream and long for the next one as I feel God‟s presence in them. I dream in vivid color. The dreams are as real as life itself. They are few and far between, but come when I need them the most.

I was saved when I was about 9 in an old Nazarene church. I didn‟t have the courage to walk the isle as my brother Mike did. But, after the altar call went forward and asked Jesus into my life.
What started me wondering about dreams began when I was about 10. One night I dreamed, or thought it was a dream of where I was listening to a solid chorus of 1 chord that was continual. The chord was sang by a large choir. The chord was so loud that I awoke from the dream terrified. I went back to sleep and heard the same chord again. My mother tried to comfort me as best she could. I asked a pastor what it could mean. He stated that I was overworked as a child with school, basketball and band. I quit basketball and the dream stopped.

I lived across the alley from my good friends the Stanfords when I was 15. We were cousins. Wayne and Wanda Fern were the parents. Roger, Lona, Donna and Jackie were the kids. Roger was 1 year older than me. At the age that age of 15 my dreams started re-occurring: One night as I was sleeping I was walking down a dirt road that I had traveled many times before. The road was between two rows of trees that were very tall. Roger was walking with me down this road. We both knew the road well and also knew there was a turn at the end of the road. After the turn there was an old wooden bridge. The bridge went over a deep crevice. We walked to the turn but I woke up as I neared the turn. The next morning I went over to the Stanford‟s house. I told Lona and Donna about the dream after asking to see Roger.

When they learned of the dream they turned Ghostly white and said Roger had experienced the same dream, and I was in it. The next night I dreamed about the same road and the bridge. I ended up standing on the bridge overlooking a deep crevice and vast wilderness. Even though the bridge wasn‟t but about 25‟ long I was unable to cross it at that time.

It would be a number of years before I would cross that bridge. When I was about 18 another dream was given to me. I was walking down a very dark road and approached a 3 story building. I knew the building as something evil. The building had multiple rooms within it. Screams and cries emanated from the building. I walked up to stairs to the building to see if I could help. When I entered the building I was standing in a long wide hallway. The noise was so loud it was deafening as I entered the rooms to help. When entering each room the screaming stopped as did the crying. I entered all the rooms then walked back downstairs to the outside of the building and looked back. There was no more crying coming from the inside. The evil building was quiet. I asked a pastor to interpret the dream. He said I wasn‟t afraid because Christ went with me. I would learn later that “God” would tell me that I won„t be able to help everyone in life.

At 19 I went to Viet Nam. At the age of 21 I came back and settled in to my first marriage. The marriage was rough from the start. It produced two children, a boy Doug and daughter Angie.
It wasn‟t until I was 28 that God would have me cross the bridge. It happened like this: At the age of 28 I was working as a full time administrator for the Army National Guard. I lived in Erick and drove 40 miles south to Hollis where my job was. Midway between Erick and Hollis was the Salt Fork of the Red River. I had a 24 year old guardsman who had spent 4 years in the Air Force then got out and joined my unit in Hollis. His name was Danny. Danny had a problem that he couldn‟t tell his Dad. Seems everyday Danny would go to his job, work from 0700 to 1700 hours, get an hour off for lunch, then his dad would come by and take him to the farm to work. This became an everyday routine. Danny would come by the Armory at lunch, shoot pool and play ping pong with me, then we would go out for a hamburger for lunch. After about 6 months we became close friends. Still his problem with not getting enough sleep due to having to go from the farm to work existed. I tried to tell him to let his dad know that he didn‟t want to go to the farm to work. Danny said that I didn‟t know his dad, and that he couldn‟t tell him that. One day Danny came in and much like everyone else checked on his insurances and medical coverage. That day he took me out and bought me a steak dinner. He was very happy that day. I thought he had spoke with his dad and worked everything out. Danny brought me back to the Armory, said his good byes and left. Shortly after this I drove back to Erick. The next morning I arrived at the Armory to see the Sherriff waiting on me. He said he had some bad news. I asked what happened. He stated that the best he could figure out was after Danny dropped me off at the Armory, he drove back to his house, picked up a 30-30, drove out South of town, stuck the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger. I was devastated. I called my Battalion Headquarters in Altus and told them what had happened. I explained I couldn‟t work and would be going home that day. They told me to take a couple of days off and they would come over to help with the processing. I left the Armory praying and crying. As I drove North towards Erick I was praying out loud and in the Spirit for Danny. I was to the point where I was doubting my own salvation. I couldn‟t understand how God would let this happen.. As I approached the Salt Fork of the Red River I prayed that God would show me that he was real so I would never doubt again. (I was at my humblest, saddest and lowest point of life at that time). God prompted me to look up. I had just hit the crest of the hills starting down to the river. The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight. The sky turned rather luminescent. I saw what appeared to be a gold steak cross the sky. It appeared to have been about a mile across. What happened next was “Awesome“, the streak opened up: it was as if God had taken his finger and pushed the sky open, revealing the brightest, purest light I have ever looked upon. It filled my car and all around me. I had started across the bridge. The light stayed for about 5 minutes. It bathed me with the most wonderful, peaceful, comforting light I had ever seen or witnessed. When I said I will never doubt again, the light left. I was on the other side of the bridge.

My first marriage lasted for 16 years. It ended in divorce. As conditions of the divorce I gave them everything. I took the debt and walked away with a the terrible burden of debt. I held my marriage vows sacred. I wanted to walk away without guilt or shame..

I prayed one night for God to give me a woman who would love me for who I was, instead of what I could give her. Little did I realize that he would do just that in a very short period of time. At this time of my life I was 39 years old, living in Panhandle Texas working at PANTEX. After the divorce I was living on about $50 a week after paying all my bills and room and board. I was a pitiful mess. I was attending a singles group at Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo. As any single person looking for attention I noticed many in the same situation that I was in. Many hurting, many just going thru life being tossed here and there.

Trinity was sponsoring a balloon fest trip to Albuquerque and overnight trip in Red River. It was to take place over a weekend. The admittance was $40. I didn‟t want to go, nor could I afford to go. A good friend of mine, Tim Potter, stated that I was suppose to go on the trip and after much convincing told me he was suppose to pay for the trip. I signed up to go, reluctantly. I got on the bus leaving for Albuquerque. It was full of broken people. We referred to it as “Trauma Bonding“. I noticed a girl much younger than myself who was bouncing back and forth between seats in the front of the bus. She was very lively and I could only think that I wished she would sit down and be still. It was then that I heard a small voice, deep in my heart, that said “This is your next wife”. I remember saying to the voice that it would have to show me how it will happen, and that it would have to be that I would not have to do anything to see it come to be. God would have to deliver her to me. At the balloon fest I took about 10 young women thru the balloons to watch the lift off. Then delivered them back safely to the bus. We went to a cafeteria to eat. I entered the cafeteria with people I knew, but after going thru the chow line, ended up alone not knowing anyone. It was there that Dawn, my wife, invited me to sit and eat with her and girls at their table. I accepted. We all talked about what we wanted to do on Sunday morning at Red River. I said I liked to hike and would probably walk up the mountain to a hiking trail. Anyone wanting to go with me was welcome.
After spending the night in Red River I walked out the back of Lifts West and saw about 10 women who wanted to hike up the mountain. I asked if everybody was ready. They said that there was one other that wanted to go, but I would have to wait on her. We waited about 15 minutes. Dawn came stumbling out the back door putting on her hiking boots. We all then started up the Mountain. We hiked up to the road that leads to the top of the mountain. It was there that I saw a Buck, Doe and fawn standing in the road. They stayed there long enough for all to see them. We went partially back down hill to a hiking trail and proceeded to the East end of Red River. Little by little women stated peeling off to go into town to shop. When we ended up at the East end of the hiking trail it was me, Dawn and three other women. We started walking back to the west on main street of Red River when the three other women decided they wanted to go shopping. It was Dawn and I who continued to walk and talk with each other telling what we wanted in life. 6 weeks later we were married. (1990) This year will be 20 years. We have renewed our vows every 7 years.

God gave me back a good marriage, a Son Noble and Daughter Dail. He gave me a newer home and the respect of being a Dad and Husband. He had replaced everything that I lost. (Even now I still have the love and support of a wonderful wife, children and grand children).

We continued going to Trinity Fellowship Church. Starting out all over with a new wife and two kids was difficult. I was given another dream which involved a Woody style station wagon loaded down with baggage crossing a desert. I knew what the dream meant. We went for counseling. I had to separate myself from my previous family, mother, dad, brother and all. I had a choice to make. I made the choice that God wanted.

Other dreams that were given involved driving thru a mountain pass. Everything was green and beautiful. I approached a tunnel. I drove thru the tunnel pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. I looked back at the tunnel. There was only the mountain with a road coming from it. The tunnel was gone. Off the side of the road was a deep crevice. I heard the sound of a car coming from the mountain. The car appeared as if coming thru a tunnel and started driving off the road into the crevice. The old man driving the car was smiling and happily waving heading for the deep crevice. I stared in disbelief. It was then that I heard the voice, “You won‟t be able to help everyone”. This was the answer to my dream with the building as well. I won‟t be able to help everyone.

I started having difficulty with people using the Lords name in vain. He spoke to me to stop watching “R” rated movies and stop listening to Rock and Roll. My wife and I threw “in the trash” all our Rock CD‟s and R rated movies. Our life continually got better from that point on. God blessed us in everything we did.

Have you ever had a desire of the Heart. If you have, don‟t be afraid to lay it down for Christ if called to do so. He likes us to step out in faith and give to him the things that we hold closer than him in our hearts. The gain is much greater than the loss.

September 2003 would prove to be a difficult experience. I and 13 other bikers from Trinity were going to ride to Buena Vista for a men‟s retreat. 0600 we met at the church for coffee and to ready for the trip. It was raining. We waited for as long as we could for the rain to stop. I spoke with Pastor Paul Bates about riding to men‟s retreat. Paul was the Pastor over the Sentinels and Ushers. Paul had not been riding long. He had come back from Buena Vista from the 1st week of a retreat so he could ride with us on this trip. I asked if he had attended the Motorcycle Safety Course. He said it was only for kids. I explained that I learned much from attending the class and he should attend. He said he would look into it after the trip. We started our ride. We ran thru rain for about 20 miles. After getting outside of Amarillo we headed north. We made West Cliff Colorado by 1700 (Dinner). We had 1 hour left till Buena Vista. After dinner we started north to Buena Vista. We got 10 miles out of town when we hit a set of “S” curves. I was two bikes behind Pastor Paul as he went into the curves. He made it thru the first one okay but lost control on the second curve. His bike slammed into the ditch. He rode the bike back up attempting to maintain control in the ditch. The bike slammed onto the ground a second time, then came up without Paul. I stopped my bike as carefully as I could. The biker behind Paul and to my front went down. Three bikes to my rear went down. I got off the bike and started looking for Paul. I found him laying about 30 yards from where he went down. A good friend, Tim Clifton was starting CPR on Paul. I checked for a pulse and started watching his lungs for breathing. I got both signs of pulse and breathing. I asked Tim to stop CPR. We observed Paul as he laid there stable. He had a goose egg of a bump on his frontal lobe. His helmet was gone. His eyes were peaceful. (When I said peaceful, I saw the Love of God in them). Then we heard the sound we hated to hear. As he breathed he started gurgling. I knew he was getting blood into his lungs. I started praying in the Spirit. What I heard next was wonderful. From my heart I heard a voice tell us, “Roll him on his side“. I repeated this to Tim. Tim said he has neck injuries and he could be paralyzed if we move him. The voice said once again, “If you don’t he will die right here“. I repeated this to Tim. Tim looked at me wondering where the info was coming from. We rolled Paul onto his side into a fetal position. (How did we know which side? That wasn‟t the concern. The command was to roll him on his side. Didn‟t matter which side. Just to comply.) The breathing became normal. It wasn‟t until we prayed over Paul that we heard any signs of rescue coming for our aid. We had called for it the minute Paul went down. After we came together and Prayed we could hear the sirens and rotor blades from a helicopter . It was as if nothing would happen till we turned to “God” first. A female ambulance attendant wanted to know who had rolled Paul onto his side. I replied that we did. She said, that saved his life. This was the first of two confirmations.
After Paul was airlifted I heard the voice once again. It said “From time to time I will test my people”. I asked why Paul? The voice said, “If I had taken anyone less would you have believed?” I understood.
During men‟s retreat we were asked to get alone with God on the mountain to see what he wanted us to do. I was to start a motorcycle life group. I had a vision of riding under a silver cross, observing many silver crosses riding for Christ. “I still ride with that old Cross“.
After men‟s retreat we rode to Colorado Springs to visit Paul. As we approached his hospital room his wife Kathy came out and read something the Lord was asking her to read to us. She read from Jeremiah where the Lord will test his people. This was the second confirmation I needed of what I had heard to be true.
Pastor Paul went to be with the Lord, 3 weeks later. I knew him only a short time, yet still miss him.
In December of 2003 I listened to Pastor Tom Lane preach a message of not doing what God has told you to do. I kept remembering the motorcycle life group and couldn‟t keep my mind on Sentinel and usher duties that I was assigned to for listening to the sermon. That night, I went home and experienced the first of 3 dreams.
In the dream I was in, what I believed to be Heaven. It was everything that I would have expected . There was a Greek style home, whose lights were not on, as though awaiting for it‟s occupant. There was a Golden fountain flowing in front of the house. To the left of the fountain was a large Angel standing looking back towards me. The Angel had to have been 9 to 10 feet tall. He was dressed in a Ruby Red gown. I couldn‟t look upon his face, just him as an Angel. He was pointing behind me to a body of water that resembled a small lake. I looked at the lake then back at the Angel. The Angel pointed back into the body of water. I looked deeper into the water and observed a person wrapped in a white robe. I didn‟t recognize the person at first, but then saw myself thru his eyes. I in that person was laying upside down sliding downwards in the water while laying on the sand. My eyes went to my feet, then to my heels. They were stirring up sand as they were DRAGGING. I then heard a voice. You are dragging your feet in something I have told you to do.
The next morning I woke up knowing what I needed to do. I had to get in to see a Lead Pastor to discuss starting a motorcycle life group. What normally took 3 months to do I got in in 3 days. Pastor Bo visited with me and allowed me to start the Group.
We started the Group that week and went on our first ride that next Saturday. Something was wrong from the start. We were to ride to Palo Duro Canyon and have lunch. There were 14 bikers and their wives. Everyone but me enjoyed the ride. I couldn‟t wait to get back and hit my knees. That night I had the 2nd of 3 dreams. I was back in where I thought was Heaven. The House was there, the flowing fountain and the Angel. The Angel looked at me and pointed back in the water. I looked and saw myself standing on the bottom of the lake. I was looking up and felt the pressure of the water. It was then that I heard his voice again. “You are over your head in this, you are trying to do it your way not mine”.
The next day I got up and started praying for where God would lead us to ride. He gave us a ride to Lubbock. The ride was wonderful, the men fellowshipped and the wives went to discount stores. That night I was back in Heaven. I looked and the House was still there. The fountain was not flowing and the Angel was gone. I looked back at the lake and saw myself thru the eyes of another skipping rocks across the water.
From about 1996 thru present time I became interested in the Bible Codes. I purchased the software form Hebrew University in Israel. I found many things in the codes that have led to helping others identify their problems as not being self known. I will give you an example.
In 2006 I was working as a dispatch Lieutenant at work. Something happened to allowed God to take me out of my comfort zone and into another field. I was moved to an evening construction supervisors position. There were two of us working evenings overseeing 20 workers. Each night the other supervisor would seem so down and distraught. I would ask him what the problem was and he would reply that he had a deep secret that no one knew. I asked if his wife knew. He said no, and wouldn‟t talk further. One night after asking this same line of questioning I asked him if I could look for his secret. He said that should be Okay. I asked his wife‟s name, he told me. That next morning I ran a code and found someone who had his same first and last name along with his wife‟s first name. I also identified what he did as an individual. There was a secret that attached to his name. I printed the matrix, placed it in an envelope and took it to work. I gave him the sealed envelope and stated, “I don‟t know if this is you but it is someone who has your first name, last name and has a wife whose name is also in your matrix. There is a secret that crosses your name. He opened the envelope and turned as white as a sheet. He said, you are the only one who knows my secret. I replied, no I‟m not. God knows your secret. The secret was adultery by fornication. Because of this revealing the supervisor, a good christian, sought counseling, deliverance and forgiveness from God and his wife. Today he is the happiest man I know. This is only one of many
occurrences that have been found in the codes.
There are codes I have seen that I pray never happen. I do believe we are in the first 3 years of the tribulation.
I am not a person who normally fasts. I have done soda fasts and candy fasts for a week or so but never have I fasted as God led me to in October of 2008.
As I woke from a deep sleep to subconscious level on October 4th 2008 I saw a huge mountain. What was chiseled in the side of the mountain in big block letters was OCTOBER 9. I woke up and asked my wife, what is October 9. She gave me the answer on October 12th. It was “Yom Kippur“(Lit. Day of Atonement. A day set aside for fasting, depriving oneself of pleasures, and repenting from the sins of the previous year.
I hit my knees and asked for forgiveness for missing October 9. I asked the Lord if he still wanted me to fast. The answer was “Yes”. I asked what type of fast. He took me to the book of Daniel where Daniel fasted for 40 days. I asked, what do I eat? He took me to what Daniel was allowed to eat. Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables and Honey. It was then he said, “you will fast without Honey. I was also not to have sweet fruits such as Oranges or Honey.”
I started the fast that day on October 12th. The fast took me to 2 days after Thanksgiving. It was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. When asked why I was fasting, God wouldn‟t give me an answer. Towards the end of the fast, I heard “I will increase your faith”. I didn‟t want to end the fast. I went a day and a half longer just so I would know I had completed what God had asked of me.
I tried to fast again that next year but couldn‟t do it. I can do nothing without God.
Interesting how things come back around. My wife found an acoustic radio station on XM radio that plays old Rock songs with just the artist and his/her guitar. We started listening to this music again. It wasn‟t till a short time later that, in a dream I was standing on a pearly white bridge and was hearing music. I wondered where it was coming from so I walked off the bridge and onto the rocks below. Underneath the bridge was utter darkness. The music was coming from inside the darkness. I understood. We no longer listen to that station.
On February 19, 2011 I had another dream. I was sitting at a table with friends that I knew well and loved being with. The table was like that at outside a restaurant. There were other tables around us. We were in dress suit attire. Directly behind us was a table with men and women dressed the same. The waiter brought me a bowl of soup. I lifted the soup off the table and placed it on the floor between our table and the table directly behind ours. The people started watching and asking questions such as “What is he doing?” “Why is he doing that?” At that time I removed my shoe and sock and placed my foot in the bowl of soup. Another question was “Why would he do such a thing?” I tied my foot to the bowl of soup by wrapping a string around both. I then looked up at them and answered, “Because it felt good and it seems like the right thing to do.” This was the end of the dream. Prior to waking up I heard the words, “People will not understand why you do what you do.”
So here I am now. Waiting on that next wonderful dream, awaiting the next call to fast, learning to grow in the Spirit. I still wonder. Are there others who share my same experiences.
Lessons learned in Life:
Speak from your Heart and not your mind. The mind cannot tame the tongue. It speaks evil to others much of the time. From the heart you speak compassion. If evil comes forth from the heart, then the problem is not of others but from you.
Learn not about religion or it‟s laws thereof. Learn about relationship with the Father in Heaven. He will guide your way. Churches are full of religion. They use it to set up their standard for their different
churches. If we are all saved, or born again, why do we all make different laws to be governed by within our churches? We set up man‟s laws to make it harder to follow God‟s laws. When you develop a true relationship with the Father, you begin to understand, you don‟t need man‟s (religious) laws. Isn‟t it interesting that in Revelation where John speaks of the 7 churches, God has something to say about each one, finding fault in 6 of them?
Honor those put in charge over you. You may think you deserve better in all cases. God has a plan for you. What I have learned is , “Be Patient”. God may be teaching you to humble yourselves. I‟ve seen many fall from Grace the higher they go in business. I‟ve also seen many a good Pastor fall from Grace the Higher they try to go without listening God.
What Church am I a member of? Right now, God has not released me to join any. My wife and I were taken out of Trinity Fellowship almost 5 years ago. We loved that church but were getting too familiar with it. We have attended Living Water Church in Canyon and are presently going to MORE church in Amarillo. We like MORE Church but still have not received confirmation we are to join. We give our tithe faithfully and seek ways to help the poor and those in need. We try to do the best with what God has given us. I know the meaning of the straight and Narrow path. The Narrow path only needs a Narrow gate. Broad is the road and wide is the Gate that leads to destruction. There will be many who pass thru it.
I awoke on the morning of the 12th of March 2011 with a scripture implanted on my mind which is: For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him would not perish, but have everlasting life.
“PUT GOD FIRST, AND WIFE SECOND” (You will be third)
“BE PATIENT” (GOD is usually talking to you if you will LISTEN)
May God Bless you and yours

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