My Sin

Dear Friends .I am doing great sin . I dont know how to get rid from this.I am always thinking about lust. plz help me in tis. thank u ..

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  1. showaround says:

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  2. Timothy Luke says:

    Dear Sister, when in the battle, it is good to remember that we are not our sin. Though you struggle with lustful thoughts, you are not a perverted person, if you carry on the fight. To the degree you agree with the sin, you are sinning.

    What can I do to overcome? "draw near to God and He will draw near to you, resist the devil and he will flee…" Continue to press in to God in prayer and time in His Word. Let the mind of Christ continue to grow in you. Let His thoughts be your thoughts. When you find yourself looking at men as though they were objects to be used on your desires, repent and exchange that evil way of looking at it for God's way. See them as brothers who need the Lord, not a one night stand. Strip the fantasy away from the picture and see the disease, death and heartbreak that follow illicit actions. See the lifelong hurt and pain that would come from following the impulse of the moment.  Stop touching yourself and stirring up desire in yourself.

    These are just a quick list. Share this with another woman in your church who is your spiritual elder. Seek their prayer. It helps to confess it face to face with someone who you will see regularly at church.

    "Father, deliver our sister and make her whole, in Jesus' name. amen."

  3. Brother, what kind of lust are you referring to?

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