My realization.

As a child, I grew up in a half-and-half house. My father is atheist, my mother was a practicing catholic. I went to church some days, especially on christmas and easter.
I studied the chatechism and took my first communion.

It was then that the cracks started to appear.

Who was god? what role did he play?
noone seemed to really know the answers, my teachers, preists, and certainly not my parents. The answer “god created everything” was VASTLY inadequate – “how”? is the next question, which is quickly answered with “he’s god”.

Even at the age of 12 I knew this answer fell far short of sense. If you can’t explain how something is formed, why pretend?

My confusion was exacerbated by the bible. The angry, illogical,hypocritical and vindictive god seems so very, very at odds with the “same” god of the new testament. The ethics of jesus in no way parallelled that of the old-testament god.

Questions like “what happened to the babies in the floods of genesis” were left unanswered, or with implausibly contrived answers. Prayer never gave me an answer and it got to the point where I discovered that I had the same result, regardless of prayer or not – nothing.

It was actually slightly before my communion that I realised christiantity, but religion in general is logically flawed. It is impossible to assert without proof, that any situation is fact. This includes the existence of god.

While I don’t maintain that god does not exist, I do not maintain that he does. I am not agnostic. I am atheist; literlally, “without god”.

Since then, I have come to appreciate and understand the incredible role that logic plays in human development, and the dangers involved in stifling it. I have become aware of the hypocrisies imposed by so many christian secs, the intrinsic and necessary variablity of the bible – often claimed to be the infallible word of god and a “manual to life”.

Most importantly to me, in my opinion, nowhere is religion more dangerous to humanity than in the stifling of freedom of human thought, and the doctrines of enforced ignorance. Too many times I have had to explain to people how evolution works, simply because they reject it on purely religious grounds, and not on any logical, sensible or even informed grounds.

It is my opinion that religion is explicitly dependent on either wilfully ignoring information, or wilfully repressing it. I find both to be dangerous and disingenuous. I understand that religion has helped humanity – but I think now it is time to open our minds, consider matters more logically, and allow humanity to flourish and expand – as nature, not god, intended.

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