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Hey, i am Hannah and i just want to say somethings about me. I love going to church, i look forward to it every week. I used to believe God left me..I used to believe i could never be good. I went to church camp this past summer and i think it changed my life. I now believe in God again, and know he is always there. I do everything for God now, i have a positive attitude and always try to look for the bright side in things. I try to get my friends to believe but they still dont. I will never change back and i love who i am now! I used to cut myself, i thought pain was the only way out… I feel like i have a wall around my heart and at one point it i felt it was all broken down, i am trying to rebuild that wall,, i am almost there- i know it, i am doing so well. I feel God has helped me through so much and i hope he will never stop helping.

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  1. Timothy Luke says:,%202009%20AM

    The above is a sermon link from our pastor on "Rebuilding the Walls." If you like it you can hear the rest of the series by looking them up on  this link:

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you for opening up.I am always excitted when one person decides to take that bold step of faith and shows who they are.Please dont cut your self any more a good friend of mine blood to death by doing this.Realize there are aways people out there that will care and listen.Remember this always even if the world comes against you Christ still will stand with you.I have had to walk some very intense battles and I have walked through many battles with others and one thing I have learned is Christ is always looking for humilty,honesty and just being real.So I praise God for what your doing and put your friends on a prayer list ok.Be blessed and stay in the word and in prayer……….Tim T

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