My marriage is being attacked

I have been married almost 2 years. My husband has never really went to church until we met and he started going with me. He and I both slacked off about 6 months back and I became depressed, sad and lonely and made a new friend. Little did I know she was his “first love”. To make a long story short, he committed adultry. He told me and it only happened once (I know this for a fact). We both prayed and sought the Lord for forgiveness and to restore our marriage. The Lord forgave him as did I but I cant forget. I have been feeling the depression and lonliness return and realized Last night that my house is filled with spirits. We have not been away since that happened and Friday we went away for the weekend for a small vacation. Before I made it in the door I felt depressed, sad and lonely again. Friday before we left I told my husband that we didnt share anything like a bond to hold us together and that I knew he would leave me when he found the one he loved. I have started doubting his love for me and I know its a trick of satan. My husband does love me he is proving it, but I feel like I am being attacked by satan and that my house has a demon in it.

I love my husband and my kids and this is only driving me crazy, which is what satan wants. I need deliverance and I need my house to be cleansed, but I dont feel I’m spiritually srong enough to do that and I dont trust anyone to do it around here. I love my pastor here, but not sure if he is spirit filled. I am going to a different denomination than I was raised in and am not sure if he would be prepared to do anything like anoint the doors with oil and pray.

I am ready to feel freedom in my house all I feel now is bondage.

What do YOU think?



  1. Father, let your mercy according to psalms 89 prevail in this marriage. Satan the lord rebuke you. Leave this family alone. Father remove all the dirty linens they are wearing and replace them with garments of righteousness. According to thy word in Isaiah 64 replace beauty for ash for the glory of your name. I curse witchcraft, sorcery and principalities in their life and replace them with the blood of Jesus that speaketh better things than that of Abel. I call them out of the dark places into light and from today they are blessed.
    Say our lords prayer. Amen.

  2. kimkrys1 says:

    All I can say is thank you. I feel the Lord now whispering to me, “Its gonna be ok. You have Me.” I am literally speechless.

  3. Timothy Luke says:

    Our righteousness is bound in the blood of Jesus Christ and our faith in Him as our perfect and true and capable atonement, not in how we feel about our spirituality. This is the call to walk by faith, not by sight. Your faith is in HIS righteousness that is imputed to you, not in your sin flawed life. His grace is given that we may overcome, and not that we may be overthrown.

    You need to repent for speaking divorce and separation into your marriage relationship. Ask him to forgive your lack of faith in him. God wants to heal this marriage – but He will only honor your faithful persistence in pursuing it.

    When one is violated as you have been, they often blame themselves as not being pretty enough, or witty enough or whatever enough to keep their partner satisfied. This is the lie the enemy sows to discourage us from standing against him. Your husband made a bad choice, but you have said he is proving his love for you. Support him as he proves himself. Speak life and healing into your relationship. Look at what God has ordained for marriages to be, and know that it includes you. You CAN have a happy marriage! The diamond is born of heat and pressure. You both can beat the devil at this!

    “Father, please forgive my sister for speaking death to her marriage in her moment of discouragement. Help her to speak life and peace into it. Help her to know the plans you have for her and her household. Help her to be a patient and loving wife and mother in the midst of this turmoil. Lord, give her strength to stand and give her husband the power and will to overcome. Deliver them from the power of the evil one who has gained access to their home through this. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Will your husband anoint the home with oil? He is the priest of the house.

    One more note, dear sister. Is it possible that you cannot forget because you are afraid to forget? Afraid that if you forget, he will seek out another occasion to sin against you? If so, release that fear to the Lord. Confess it as sin, because you have not truly released the situation to God yet. When you do that, from your heart, you will find no need to remember.

    Blessings and Peace,

    • horns4plenty says:

      First off I must first say I can not and will not throw any stones at you. I deal with people all the time who are having horrible marital problems. Satan knows if he can get the house divided then it can not stand. Understand that evry thought you or your husband have is coming from one of two sources. Satan is going to throw every thing at you and your husband he can to keep you divided with your spouse. It is like when you get that thought that creeps into your head if they really loved me they would have done this or they would not have done that. Every married person out there hears thoughts like this from time to time. It is not a sin to hear these thoughts. It becomes a sin when you get in agreement with these thoughts. That is why we are suppose to take every thought captive. You or your husband can walk under the authority that God has given you and pray over your house and anoint it yourself. You do not need a pastor to do it. It would probably be ideal if you could do it together. I recommend that all believers do this regularly.

      I have seen demons gain access into a person’s home through objects they have brought into their home. Once someone knowingly or unknowingly brings a cursed item into their home it then gives a demon access into your home to torment you or anyone else living in the home. Inviting someone, who has a curse operating in their life that is not a true disciple of Christ, into your home opens the doors for the demonic to enter your home.

      When Satan deceived the fallen angels he managed to deceive only a third of them. That means Jesus still has two thirds of the heavenly host ready to stand at your guard upon your request.Through daily prayer you should ask Jesus to set the guard over your house. The bible says the angels are the guardians of our salvation. You can call on the guardians of salvation to set the guard at the forcorners of your home everyday. That not only will they set the guard but that they will drive any powers of darkness that would be trying to set a trap and bring division in your home to the feet of Jesus for judgment. Claim your home as a house of love and peace where all that dwell in your house will not only love the Lord with all of their hearts, but they will love their neighbor as themselves.

      As far as anointing your house with oil. First pray over the oil. That the powers of darkness will recogize that oil as the blood of Jesus. Not the blood that was spilled and became lifeless for three days, but the resurrected blood of Jesus that took from Satan the keys to death, hell, and the grave and gave us authority as disciples of Christ to tread over serpents and scorpions without being harmed.

      I could tell sveral other things, but what I have told you is enough, and trust me sister. When you start to do this you will be amazed how the Holy Spirit will show up and begin to reveal to you how you should pray and as to what you should pray against. He will reveal things in your home that may even need to be removed. Sometimes you can just anoint a object and pray that any demonic entity that has attached itself to that object will be utterly destroyed and driven to feet of Jesus for judgment by the guardians to the heirs of salvation. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will lead you to remove the object from your home.

      I will pray that the Lord will give you wisdom amd discernment as claim your home as a house of love and peace.
      God Bless

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