My marriage is being attacked

I have been married almost 2 years. My husband has never really went to church until we met and he started going with me. He and I both slacked off about 6 months back and I became depressed, sad and lonely and made a new friend. Little did I know she was his “first love”. To make a long story short, he committed adultry. He told me and it only happened once (I know this for a fact). We both prayed and sought the Lord for forgiveness and to restore our marriage. The Lord forgave him as did I but I cant forget. I have been feeling the depression and lonliness return and realized Last night that my house is filled with spirits. We have not been away since that happened and Friday we went away for the weekend for a small vacation. Before I made it in the door I felt depressed, sad and lonely again. Friday before we left I told my husband that we didnt share anything like a bond to hold us together and that I knew he would leave me when he found the one he loved. I have started doubting his love for me and I know its a trick of satan. My husband does love me he is proving it, but I feel like I am being attacked by satan and that my house has a demon in it.

I love my husband and my kids and this is only driving me crazy, which is what satan wants. I need deliverance and I need my house to be cleansed, but I dont feel I’m spiritually srong enough to do that and I dont trust anyone to do it around here. I love my pastor here, but not sure if he is spirit filled. I am going to a different denomination than I was raised in and am not sure if he would be prepared to do anything like anoint the doors with oil and pray.

I am ready to feel freedom in my house all I feel now is bondage.

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