My letter to God

Who am I, Lord? You know me.
Lord who am I that you have always been there for me?
Yes Lord, you know I love you but I don’t always show obedience which should be proof of that love, but You have come through for me, Lord, time after time. I just don’t know why.
You have always, always provided for all me and my family’s needs big or small through some very hard times. Why Lord, who am I?
Sorry Lord, I can’t help it, but these tears I cry Lord is because I REALLY don’t know why.
Just now I was reading about one brother’s commenting on anothers’ testimony. He said ‘You are the luckiest person alive’. That’s when it hit me Lord, how special I must be to you that you would give me two mighty testimonies showing your love for me. Why Lord? Who am I?
Who am I in your eyes Lord, because looking back at my life I see nothing worth saving? I have done so many detestable things in your sight Lord, but after all the hurt I’ve caused you you have never let me go astray. Why Lord, who AM I?
I keep letting Your hand go, but it is always You Lord, who first reaches out for mine. Why Lord, why do you love me so, why haven’t you given up on me, a long long time ago?
Lord I know what your unconditional love is Lord, but for me I just don’t know why.

For as long as I can remember I felt that I have always known and loved you Lord, and especially now after meditating on my life, Lord all I have is a heart full of love for you. Only now I ask Lord, NEVER let me go.
Yes Lord, I cry these tears but they are not tears of sorrow, they are tears of joy without understanding. You are an awesome, awesome God.
Lord, I think this is the first time I have ever questioned you, but Lord, I long to know. You are so worthy of good things Lord, so why have you chosen me?
Lord TELL me, WHO AM I?

(Sorry I have not posted this for comments, this is truely my letter to my God)

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  1. You are the light that shines through in the mist of your sins b/c your heart is translusent to the Lord. You are the temple of the Lord b/c in your hearts of hearts you turn to Him. You are His child b/c You call Him Your Father…. He goes as far as you allow Him to go b/c He is a gentlemen. God Bless your heart b/c I got to see a glimpse of what God sees in you…

    Thank you for sharing!! God Bless you!!!

  2. This is a beautiful letter Beska.

  3. I like this because your writting what you believe is in the depths of your heart.See many people can give long speaches or sermons on the word of God,many people can give you over a hundred scriptures for this or that but very few people know the heart of God or even interested in the heart of God.

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