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I do quite a lot of sitting around in waiting rooms, you know doctors etc. It gets very boring sat there, and looking at the table with all the magazines on, doesnt inspire me much because basically it’s just the same old rubbish with me, me, me in them.

I could take a book but I don’t like people reading over my shoulder. anyway i have an ipod nano, which is a year old, and I was amazed to find out that it is out of date already. The new ipod is one of those touch screen things (mine is the tall slim one with the dial). I found out that the ‘touch’ version can be used to read ebooks with.

I know my ipod has a ‘notes’ folder which is in the ‘extras’ menu and has simple txt files in there. I did some research and discovered that the notes in there can not be any bigger than 4kb. But; if you split an ebook into segments of 4kb etc you can put them into a folder and drag it into the ‘notes’ folder on the ipod.

It seems like a tiresome way of doing it. So after more research I found two programs that make this easier. one is ‘txt2ipod’ which just loads your ‘txt’ file then chops it up and puts it into a folder for you. Another program is ‘ebook to images’ which is very clever, as it turns ‘txt files’ into little jpegs, and displays them very clearly and in order.

There’s a lot of religous txt out there, for free, Gutenberg etc. So just to start with I found an ebook called ‘Christianity and ethics,’ turned it into small notes and installed it in my ipod. So now I have something to read in the doctors etc, it’s small and only I can read it!!

Also, both the programs to do this are on the internet for free. It will keep me going until I can afford an ebook reader.

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