my faith has taken a beating

my mind has not been at peace for about six months now,and the smile i put on my face is fake reflection of how i really feel inside.thou through my experinces in life I’ve seen God work in so many lives so many times. My testimony has always been “I’ve seen too much to doubt

however in april i applied for an extension for my visa, and just the whole process of making the applications had its bitter struggles, but glory be to God i was able to do it in time. my visa application however was turned down and was told to appeal the decision but since then my appeal has been turned down twice and with only a few days to go and it being my final chance of appeal a feel so weak. i know God didnt bring me to this point in my life to be rejected the long nights and fearful thoughts have taken an effect on my faith.

i want to complete this course, because i know it would mean the world to my parents to see me graduate whilst they are still alive, amazingly this week i have had alot of people pushing me on to believe and doing so stumbled upon a verse in HEB 11:1 which has lifeted up my faith…i therefore ask you ny fellow brothers and sisters to pray for my faith and situation and that the next time i write again will be in testimony on how God saved me

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