My Catholic Faith

We should always remember that Jesus is alive, which means we are praying to a true living God. Jesus’ birth and death is history , a fact that proves his eternal love for all of us. Instead of arguing which church is the real one, why can we just pray to him and let him overpowered us, so that all of our doubts erased. And if we only allow Jesus to enter unto us, just simply define the true meaning of love which serves a the key to find the truth behind the sacrifices of Christ.
I encourages everyone to study deeply and humbly the life of Jesus in order to understand My Catholic Faith.

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  1. Hi Leelie I agree we should study the life of Jesus but I don’t understand how doing so will help me understand Roman Catholicism. Also I’m not sure why you bring up the Catholic issue if you don’t want to argue about which church is true – since the Roman Catholic Church ultimately teaches that there is no salvation outside of Rome. So of course its an issue.

    No where did Jesus Christ tell people to become Roman Catholics, nor was He one Himself. He never sat around and invited the people to come and confess all their sins to Him, for example.

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