Muzzling the Christian Witness

It appears that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy might become alive and well in the U.S. military with the exception that the scenario has changed a bit. Now gays are openly accepted into the armed forces, but Christians may be forced keep their mouths shut about Jesus Christ. They would be allowed to talk about pornography, drugs, sexual encounters of the third kind, etcetera, etcetera etcetera, but they can’t mention the name of the man who was nailed to the cross by another military force two thousand years ago.

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What is the next step? Punishing Christians for talking to each other about their walk with Christ in the barracks? Making sure that no Christians are allowed into the military? This one has been done before. The link below will allow you to read about the purge. Within that article is the remarkable story of the last gladiator. Unfortunately it seems there are more than one version of the story of Telemachus, the monk who ended the spectacle of the Gladiator Games by saying, “Stop, in the name of Christ.” This is a story that should be a feature film. I don’t find any evidence that one has been made concerning this topic, so perhaps this is something I will undertake myself.—He-purged-the-Army-of-Christians-then-used-Army-to-persecute-Christians.html?soid=1108762609255&aid=8z6SxK7Kqfk

Are we reverting back to the early days of the church? Will people of faith be treated like criminals or lunatics? Will the sport of gladiating be resurrected? Will fans in Detroit get to see the Lions eat the Christians? Perhaps it is time that we start telling society to stop in the name of Christ. Ironically, Movie Guide wrote an article along these lines dealing with entertainment. They call for us Christians to tell Hollywood to stop in the name of Christ. Check that out at

The Bible says that there will be a big falling away. It seems that persecution will convince many who professed Christ that their future here on earth is jeopardized by their beliefs, and they will quickly abandon those principles to avoid being a victim of the spiritual climate that seems to be descending upon our planet at an alarming rate. I can understand how fear can cause people to alter their steps. I just urge you to consider that these things were foretold long ago. The coming persecution, which will never make it on the top “ten things I love to talk about” list, should be a testimony of the veracity of God’s word. It will be a sign that all of God’s promises are about to come true.

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