Muslim girl finds Christ

My name is Baby and I was born in a Muslim family in Malappuram.

Though our religion taught me that there is only one God and he loves us, I never experienced that love. I never got satisfaction or peace from there.

After a few years, I was married to a person named Satish. We had faced a lot of difficult situations after the marriage and it was really a worse time I ever had.

Our problems became more and more difficult and we decided to suicide. At that time, we happened to shift to Ernakulam and Jesus Christ showed his love on us.

Although we never tried to know him, he came to our life and filled our hearts with his peace. Now we are filled with his happiness and love and I believe that he will not leave us alone in our problems.

We have decided to live for Jesus until our last breathe and I pray for his blessings to work for his glory.

I request your prayers to have more and more wisdom to understand the word of God

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