Muslim Brotherhood preparing for Jihad on Israel

Walid Shoebat, former islamic terrorist turned Christian, talks about the new islamic revolution that is happening in the Middle East right now. Muslims use a cover of peace. You can't believe anything they say in English. You have to know what they are saying to their own people in ARABIC.

It is a muslim doctrine that it is OK to lie in order to gain a strategic advantage over the enemies of "Allah". This is why muslims will never openly tell their agenda in English to westerners, whom they consider to be "infidels".

If you do not believe this, check out Answering Islam on this subject or just google "muslims lie to infidels".

Sometimes I wonder is Obama is a secret muslim who is simply employing this principle of lying to infidels about his true allegiance in order to serve the principles of Islam. You have to look at his background and what he actually does, not only what he says.

The Era of Peace and Prosperity we have been accustomed to is shortly to end. The price of oil will skyrocket and the US dollar will collapse. Its best now to invest your time, money and resources in eternal things – like winning and discipling people to Christ around the world. Don't just save up your money for a rainy day, or even invest it all in gold and silver. All these things won't be worth much soon. Gold ownership has been and can be outlawed.

Find a way to invest in the spread of the gospel and gain eternal treasure for yourself instead. God will take care of you if you seek His Kingdom first. (Matthew 6:33)

What do YOU think?


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  1. NYSE plummeted 138 points yesterday. I believe by next week it will drop another 500! That blows.. I am already on my way to losing my house.. anyone know a good place where I should move my money?

  2. wieaniono says:

    Boss administration Yukio Edano, citing news from the plant wise guy TEPCO, said the reactor promising undamaged and there was a sparse feasibility of major radiation.

    He indicated there was no considerable swop in radiation flush after the at full tilt and the No. 3 reactor central oversee room remains intact.

    The latest eruption comes after faction of the container was blown misled the place 1 reactor.

    Japan’s atomic safety action said the wind was believed to be caused by hydrogen.

    For the moment, authorities detected no announcement of a tsunami or a earthquake after a obese wave was spotted rolling in to shore.

  3. newlight says:

    I always believed the conspiracy theories about 9 11 until late thinking the muslims were not to blame for the attacks, until recently when a christian friend pointed out this fact to me. The demise of the Ottoman Empire (Muslim’s) began on September 11th 1683 when the Polish king (Christian)pushed back their seige on Vienna with force. There are many more facts about this in this article:

    Are muslims showing us a sign that this battle isn’t over by attacking america a mainly christian country, and basically the powerhouse of the western world? It’s possible but you decide for yourselves after reading the article I linked.

    Not that I saying I dislike the people of the muslim faith in general as I think that not all muslims would be involved and there are good people among them they are just lost in their religion.

    I think that the World War 3 will be between the muslims and the infidels (The rest of the world that doesn’t believe their faith) and with the amount of nuclear arm that the whole world has at the moment will our next world war be our last?

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  7. I heard somewhere that one day the flag of Islam will fly at white house!
    America did mistake in using racism to obtain their president!

    I’m black but I have been against Obama since the campign for Biblical reason, but I’m not American. Even here I can see Islam at work!

    They call that lying principle taqqiya, if I’m not mistaken!

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