Muslim 3 year old girl taught to hate

You can see with your own eyes how some faithful muslim women are training their children to hate people, especially the Jews. They are only following what the Qu’ran teaches. What kind of heart does the muslim god have?

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  1. My brethrens this is realy realy disturbing How can this so called muslims be so cruel,introducing their children to violence and hate,but the Bible states that God is our loving father not so muslims thinks,aaahhhggg this is not ok and this is inhumane.Brethrens LOVE is the greatest of all Amen

  2. 3chelon says:

    This is disturbing to say the least…we should pray for this little girl, that when she grows older she may come to know Christ and be led to the truth, by the power and love of God.


    All we can do is keep following Jesus and trust God in these kind of situations. We are not called to hate our enemies but to love them. Luke 6:27-36

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