More Freedom for Christians in Iraq under Saddam Hussein?

Conditions are so severe that "infants are being kidnapped…killed and delivered to the front steps of their Christian parents gift-wrapped as presents," (Norm) Nelson of Compassion Radio, reports.

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American liberty was not founded on Muslim doctrine. This is not incidental. Our liberties are founded upon our understanding that God is our Creator and has made all men equal. Christianity alone has the integrity to insure the liberty of those who disagree… the problem is when we tolerate intolerance in the name of tolerance, we have bought a lie by those who would impose their worldviews mercilessly.

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  1. The rump from the bronze statue of Saddam Hussein goes up for auction in the UK. The sculpture was toppled on live television in 2003. It was saved as a memento of the function by a former British soldier in this area. Source of article: Saddam Hussein bronze buttocks to go on the auction block

  2. Western military intervention succeeded in getting rid of Saddam Hussein on false pretenses, and resulted in the establishment of an islamic government far worse, under which Christians feel compelled to flee for their lives. This never happened under Hussein.

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