More extreme weirdness at Rick Joyner’s meetings

What is being promoted here is not compatible with the God of the Bible. Rick Joyner is a man who knows the Bible well, a very gifted writer and so on. He should read some of his own writings, because some parts of them condemn what is going on here.

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  1. Tony Van Oort says:

    Is what is posted concerning a worship service is this in Rick Joyners church if so it is totally from satan we need to get out from under such evil As the bible teaches come out of her my people if we are truly born again we would be following Jesus in humbleness and submission as was his life where in scripture do we find the worship as shown only Baal worship see how the Baal priest s would conduct there service ie Elijah praying for rain look at the diff one group yelling and cutting them selves while the man of God at his turn pleads in humbleness but has faith that his God will send deliverance I agree with those in such that hold worships to walk out no ifs ands or buts i

  2. debylynne says:

    and here we have it. instead of “being about the Father’s business”, many in the charismatic world are rolling around, jerking, twitching and screaming with laughter. i’ve heard all the “reasonable” explanations of what “this is”. i’ve experienced it first hand, and all i can tell you is that i do not believe it is of God. period. end of story. i will tell you one other thing. i remember when i first began to realize that what was taking place in charismatic world had no true Biblical substantiation as i watched other scenes just like the one on this video clip, i “saw”, as it were, the enemy manipulating all these people in these convolutions and convulsions and “he” was the one laughing the hardest of all. can you imagine what a grief this must be to the heart of God???

    • warrior daughter says:

      You want to manipulate people…Start with the music….Get a song and play it over and over …A song with a beat and it will hypnotize the people…..When you get away from the manipulation….You realize just how bad it was and it was not glorifing God but manipulating….I sat in the back of my former church when some people who had gone to Lakeland came in and I watched the deception on the people…Before these people came in, I went to my former pastor with concerns about Lakeland and that we should not embrace it…From that day I became a marked person in my church…Later on I found out my former pastor personally knew Bentley and he also went to Brownsville….I walked out of the service when these people who had gone to Lakeland wanted to lay hands on everyone there…Just a few people walked out besides me…One was a elderly pastor who had pastored for over 50 years…After this I sat in service for almost a year very angry…When I went to service, I would force myself to go…Finally I woke up one Sunday and realized that by my continuing in this church I was agreeing with what was going on…I am now attending a non-denominational church that is teaching nothing but what the Word of God says…Others have left my former church since I left and this church continues on its road to apostasy and deception…

  3. Thank you Michael for posting the truth. As Christian, we walk in blindly trusting people who claim they are ‘Chrsitans’, but do onot follow according to God’s words. Voodoo chants?? This is not Godly ownly the works of the Devil!!! There are many in this church today, who do this kind of thing whether through “prasing God fasley like displayed on this video…I don’t know what to call this… or preaching the word according to the Devil’s ideas, and not God’s ideas. I pray that your site, as others G.Craige Lewis, will open the eyes of Christians, because Jesus is calling for his true churches, so he can restore the Kingdom of God. Please keep preaching the truth. God bless you. g. God is not to be mocked!!!

    God bless you

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