Missions to East Africa 2010 Missionary/Evangelist Geeta


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ so much.  Brother Stephen Thanks for bringing the annointed woman of God. This sunday service we had a testimony of a man who has been operated five times without any cure, but when the woman prayed for him he says he had something getting out of the stomach as if something was roled off and he was instantly healed. The name of the testifier is Kateega Bwambale


Another  testimony:I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,I really want to appreciate all that you have given in both money,
life and prayer, may the Lord continue blessing you sister. your coming to Kasese was a blessing to us because your life and church
really has experienced miracles and more too the church is growing terrifically.We do give glory to God. sister God will bless

A woman came to one of the meetings carrying a baby, who had an intravenous apparatus taped to his hand. She said, she came directly from the hospital when she found out that her baby was going to die.  The desperate mother was shedding painful tears when she said to me, “her baby was sent home to die”.  The doctors couldn’t diagnose the problem that was stealing  life from her baby.  I prayed for both mother and baby, KNOWING THE BABY WOULD LIVE.  The next day mother and baby attended the service, and they were both smiling.   One of the women from the meeting had  to rush out of town to visit her sick parents. She said she didn’t want to miss the meetings so she went with faith expecting to be back for the last meeting.  Both of her parents were unsaved.  She practiced everything she learned from the meetings. She told them about Jesus, prayed for them, and then led them to the Lord. This opened up the door for their healing. She said, she was healed at the meeting so she just repeated what I said, when I prayed for her. ( I have no clue what I said).  Her parents were healed, and happy. She made it to last day of the meeting and she gave God the glory.


Old men with walking canes, and old women who couldn’t walk without the aid of someone, started  walking without any support. Women/men with cancer, tumors, headaches, backaches, and other types of destructive illnesses were saved and healed. People were set free from demonic spirits. Children who couldn’t sleep because of nightmares started sleeping all through the night. I stopped counting how many people received Christ as their Savior, and I started giving God praises when the people answered the altar call. The most joyful experience for me is watching the old and the young people give their lives to Jesus. During the crusade I told the people who were healed to bring anyone who needs a healing or a touch from God. The next night a young man who was healed at the previous meeting brought his mom. She had a broken back, and many other complications.  when I asked for testimonies, who do you think came up dancing and was completed healed from her head to her toes.  Only Jesus can do that!  There was a man on the crusade grounds, he is notorious for disrupting public meetings by stoning the crowd, and/or beating up the pastors. He tried attacking me with the warning sounds of a propeller as if he was ready for take off. He started running full speed towards the pulpit with both arms stretched out widely. As much as he tried to, he couldn’t get close to the platform where I was preaching. He started crawling like a snake, then got up and sat down. THIS IS WHAT THE POWER OF GOD DOES IN THE NAME OF JESUS —> DEMONS TREMBLE!


I have seen God moved in the little things, as well as the big things. While traveling from Entebbe to Tanzania, the pilot announced, ” those who are seated on the left side, if you look outside, you will see Mt. Kilimanjaro”. Of course, I was sitting on the right side of the plane. I consoled myself by thinking that on my way back, I would sit on the right side to make sure I get a view of the mountain. When I woke up in Moshi, TZ, I was looking through the huge glass windows, when the Holy Spirit said, “look up!”.  When I did, WHAT I SAW WAS BREATHTAKING. IT WAS Mt. KILIMANJARO.  God cares about the little things that makes us happy.  Another great testimony for me was being able to visit a church that a friend of mine pioneered. Only God could have ordained this meeting. I had no idea I would ever  be in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, a few blocks from my friend’s church.  A Muslim woman heard about the healing service at this church so she brought her toddler just for the healing.  He had a problem in one of his eyes;  he was healed, and the mother accepted Jesus into her heart.  I preached in a tent meeting for three days, and during that time, I had seen so many lives changed. A young woman had a tumor in her ear, it was completely gone!  I had people stand in the gap for their loved ones, Glory to God, they each had a testimony!

The Lord told me to go to Mombassa, Kenya, since there were no direct flights from Moshi, TZ. I had to take a bus. I have never been so scared in my life. The worst roads I have ever driven on, were better than this road. When I got to Mombassa, I visited a friend whom I met last year during my trip to Dar Es Salaam. She was desperate because she was told to close down her business, due to bad management.  She cried out to God for help that morning, and  lo and behold God sent me that same day. Today she is happy with her business, and her life, because God has ministered to her. This is her testimony:  Hello pst Geeta,how r u and praise God.by now i know u r back n settled.Av already done most of the corrections in my salon, n i thank God who brought u to me.u r a blsing to my life n i trust that one day God will allow me to bls u the same. may i let u know that i love, you transformed my life and will live to remember you. my husband was greatful n he will write to u.He understood everything n he told me  to  impliment ur every advice.for real am a changed person.Live long to do good works. My typing is slow, am still training myself tocomunicate.this time no email sent to me that will go back. Anyway thanks alot dear one,will b updating u on my success.am so blesed to be able to have u as my advicer.may the good God fulfil the desires of your heart acording to his riches thr christ Jesus.i love you pst.bye

I spent five weeks in East Africa; ministered in five different locations in three different countries.  I traveled thousands of miles by air and land, and I have seen Christ in the midst of the Crisis!  I am ready to do it all over again. Am I tired? You bet!  Can I put a price on a soul? I don’t think so!   I thank God for the women, my personal assistants, pastors, and everyone that helped make this work a success.  You  were there with me through your financial and prayerful support. May God richly bless you all. It is all about souls. Someone has to go and reach the lost and dying world, and I thank God for that  someone being me.
Yours in Christ Jesus,

Geeta Arguello=


This man was unable to speak loud                                           He was shouting praises to the Lord



Dr’s said no hope, he is going to die.                                                                                             Look at me now, one day later.                                                                                                     



This mother couldn’t stop giving God praise.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Tumor in her ear                                                                                                      No more tumor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    She came to church just so her son can

                                                                                                                                                                 ;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           be healed. she was in for  a surprise,  she acceptedJesus.        

all three women were healed.                                                                                                                                                                 ;                            Mt. Kilimanjaro                                                                         





Her baby was in the wrong birthing position                                                                She was unable to bend or move her leg.


This woman had a stroke,                            Look at her now                                    He was unable to stand up on his own






Missions to East Africa

January – February  2010

Matthew 11:15  He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

During my trip to Trinidad in November 2009, the Lord spoke to me about going to Africa in January 2010.  This was exciting information since I was planning to take my first mission trip in March 2010. When the instructions were given,  I had no funds available for this trip, I needed at least US$5,000, and I had less than a month to obtain this.  Anyone who travels for missions knows it entails more than just the cost of airfare to accomplish your goals in the mission field.


2010 started out with the challenge of giving a “first fruit offering”  right after the Christmas holidays. The Lord gave me specific instructions on what to give financially as a token of my faith.  Knowing that my decision to give financially was not an impetuous one, but one of  “obedience and sacrifice”. (1 Samuel 15:22), I waited with bated breath to see what would happen next.  Within 24 hrs of giving my offering, the Lord provided the funds to cover the cost of my trip, as well as that of the necessary Visas to enter the different countries in Africa.  This was a “NOW FAITH” experience. (Hebrew 11:1) 

The hear-wrenching news about the earthquake in Haiti disseminated rather quickly worldwide.  Every nation in the world stretched forth their hands to help the people of Haiti with love.  Have you ever stopped to think about the epidemic that is a daily occurrence in Africa and other parts of the world?  This news regularly makes its way through the airwaves of the international media, however,it gets very little attention or is not as impacting to many.  IT IS JUST AS DEADLY AS AN EARTHQUAKE  The only only difference with  this destruction or demise is: its a bit slower than an instant disaster. IT IS CALLED HIV/AIDS, SARVATION, POVERTY, ORPHANS, HOMELESSNESS, AND BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO LIVE DAY TO DAY WITHOUT KNOWING JESUS AS THIER SAVIOUR.


MY recent trip to East Africa has opened my eyes to more of the silent suffering from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) which is prevalent. I have prayed for more men, women and children, who have some type of STD, than I have prayed for people who are ailing from cancer or paralysis. I also discerned that children and adults are attacked perpetually by demonic spirits. They are tormented at nights.  Many adults sleepwalk, waking up in different places other than their homes. This has  caused a pandemonium of  fear which has permeated the hearts and minds of the people. A great desire for deliverance from this dilemma  presented an opportunity for the word of God to become more effective, and  it became real for the people as they  listened with intensity for a  remedy to eradicate this  untamed nightmare.

This trip was  different from the rest. It demanded more of my time. God used every encounter I had with people  to bring change. The cleaning woman at my hotel had a sick son at home. He was sick for more than two weeks, and she grew despondent.  She asked for prayer, and  I anointed a handkerchief  instructing her to to lay it on her son.  The next morning she came to work smiling.   Her son was up and playing; he was healed of  malaria and other unknown illnesses. She then confessed that she was HIV positive.  I also learned that her son, who was 16 months old, was unable to walk before his illness. He is now walking. All  symptoms from HIV are gone, and she has gotten a better job.


I preached at the border of Zaire before heading back to Kampala (7 hours by car). This was  a one day meeting, so everyone came with great expectation.   When I made the altar call, “a witch” better known as a “voodoo priestess, or medicine woman” came for prayer. She said she wanted Jesus, and desired to stop practicing witchcraft.  I had to make sure I heard right, so I asked her to repeat what she said twice!  She renounced all ties with the devil, and  said the sinners prayer.  A pregnant woman was terrified that her unborn baby might be dead since she felt  no movement in weeks, and the baby was in the wrong birthing position.  I laid my hands on her belly and I literally felt the baby turned upside-down; to the right birthing position (WOW, WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!).


This  testimony was sent to me:.  ” 

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