I just wanted to share a miracle that happened to me. Hopefully, people who would come across this testimony will find the same hope, redemption and forgiveness that I found. I became ill many years ago. It had no cure. It was just a matter of years before I see my physical deteriorate. I was irresponsible. No one was to blame but myself. All my hopes and dreams, I can see fading in the background. My life is over. There is no way out.

I started praying. Just praying, Spilling my heart out. I asked for forgiveness for what I had done. A second chance is all I wanted at that point. I prayed everyday. Kept my faith. I also did a 3 o’clock prayer for two weeks or so. Made several copies of that prayer and left it at the church where I originally found a copy of that prayer.

A year or so, I was healed. In between, I had periods of being so scared for my life that the thought of having such disease consumed me. It became an obsession. I was not free. My mind was not free. My heart was locked up. My soul chained. But I knew God will not abandon me. God will not deny me his forgiveness. He showed me mercy. He gave me second chance. My life was never the same. The experienced turned me around completely. So please believe that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. God is alive. God makes miracles happen. God cures the incurable. Always pray. Never stop praying. I am 100% well now and cleared of anything I had several years ago. I am a miracle of God.

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