Miracle Story-Drug Addiction Resolved- Face Of Jesus & Candle Appear On Tree- (miracles)

Written long ago- Job 33

Job 33:14-18
“14 For God does speak—now one way, now another—
though no one perceives it.
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
when deep sleep falls on people
as they slumber in their beds,
16 he may speak in their ears
and terrify them with warnings,
17 to turn them from wrongdoing
and keep them from pride,
18 to preserve them from the pit,
their lives from perishing by the sword.

Job 33 (New International Version)


“It’s the thing I make the most noise about- that is likely the least significant- in contrast to what I must have done beneath the surface of what I am not allowed to know or talk about”- Gerard Haughey

“The nature of God is to be merciful to those He calls. We know that He calls the weak, foolish, and base (I Corinthians 1:26-28), those who are undesirable in society’s eyes and guilty of sin in His eyes. He extends great mercy to them, redeeming them from the death penalty and setting them on the path toward eternal life in the Kingdom of God. In doing so, He sets us an example to follow!”( http://www.theberean.org/ )

Miracle Story-Drug Addiction Resolved- Face Of Jesus & Candle Appear On Tree-First things first here; Trying to explain a spiritual experience like this is not easy. If you’ve ever had one, I am sure you understand. I am not a guy coming on here to spread some fantastic over-active imagination- In fact the experience I recently had is unique to me- It came at a time that I was questioning my life and felt very close to deaths door. A dream a vision and much more than that. I will not be here updating new ‘Signs’ on this post-I have only done so here because this tree is right next to the other one. And, when I last saw the tree with the face this other tree showed no sign of anything other than a tree covered with bark. I promise you all, I know when to move on. But I also promise this too- everything I’ve said here comes from a place of truth. So, I have posted it and am done now.

May God show us all His face, and lead us all to His Light! Amen..

Updated 10/28/2010 I didn’t expect this but I feel compelled to share, nonetheless. Today I was passing the restaurant and I knew I would be so I planned on going into the driveway and into the spot if it was open and just to see the tree with the face on it- say a prayer. Well, I have to say when I got there, there was something more to be seen. Yes. Right next to the tree now is another tree with a new anamoly- I mean it’s amazing- it’s as if the bark of the tree peeled away to reveal this image and to my eye- right away it appeared to be a beautiful candle. These two trees are within a few feet of eachother-




“The Menorah should have eight candle holders in a row and a separate candle holder for the “Shamash.” The Shamash candle is used to light the other eight candles since it is forbidden to use the Hanukkah lights for any purpose other than viewing-

( http://judaism.about.com/cs/chanukahgeneral/ht/hol_chan_light.htm ).

Shamash-•the chief sun god; drives away winter and storms and brightens the earth with greenery; drives away evil and brings justice and compassion
(I have been researching the significance of “9 Candles” and have found that during Hanukkah there are 9 Candles on the Menorah- The center Candle is called the ‘Shamash’ and is used to light the 8 Candles of the Menorah- In the photo I’ve provided I can see that in the center of the #9 is a candle. I am trying to make sense and the more I try the more interesting it all becomes.

“The Candles as Christian Symbols represents the light of God or the light of Christ. Candles are used in processions, at the altar and are lit as a sign of remembrance or to accompany prayer.” ( http://www.dream-interpretation.org…ndles-christian-dream-symbol.htm )

The #9-


1.The Word of Knowledge
2.The Word of Wisdom
3.The Gift of Prophecy
4.The Gift of Faith
5.The Gifts of Healings
6.The Working of Miracles
7.The Discerning of Spirits
8.Different Kinds of Tongues
9.The Interpretation of Tongues

My Lord, I see this candle as the symbol of your Light- I also take it as a sign to always follow your Light- This will keep me from getting lost in the dark- I see this. I am thankful to see this- it means something to me, personally.

Jesus’ Face On A Tree- http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5103646492

Renowned priest Father Corapi talks about Spritual/Miraculous experience- similar in many ways to the account held here. It’s worth a look-see

Terrific article “How To Recieve Your Miracle” It all makes sense-


I want to tell you about a personal Miracle. When I woke from it, I truly knew that God Knew My Name- And that He Loved me. Imagine? What can I say except please read my testimony…


I saw the “Miracle” page (on this site) and thought this would be good to add here-??
Post Miracle Signs From God

Okay, people claim they’ve experienced Miracles- who could ever tell what they’re talking about? Well, you can’t! A Miracle’s intensity and divinity is only felt by the person receiving it.

I’ve said I had a Miracle- I beleive this to be true-
My Miracle took away an unfortunate drug addiction I had become entangled in after doctors, lawyers and physical therapists took me for an apparent greed- ride-Professional’s advised me that I was in a disabled state due to spine injuries and pain- However, conversely,NYS Disability denied all my claims for disability saying “I was not disabled” this led to several lengthy appeals- which led to subsequent denials- and finally a last Judge decided that I should get nothing, and that is precisely what happened- The only thing I got out of the ordeal was a drug addiction. There I was, thinking I was disabled- I was told that I needed surgery, and referred to a spine surgeon who said that I needed surgery and had me set up to come in for that surgery- however the date was a ‘Friday the 13th’ So I surely took that as an omen and cancelled- But I had many procedures done and spent 3 years in physical therapy- my back is bad, no doubt about it- Still in the end the outcome was grim.

I had become completely addicted to Oxycontin and Oxycodone- My health was in constant decline- I gained weight, was depressed.. throw some antidepressants into the mix- throw some higher doses of opiates into the mix and then higher.. and add some sleeping pills because with a life like this it’s truly hard to feel at rest, ever.

It took a while to see through the smoke screen of professional talk, tests, procedures, and white jackets but when the proof is in the pudding and in the end you waste years upon years of time and end up with nothing- you do finally realize that you had been taken on an elaborate, selfish ride of greed- It hurts so much when you realize that you were no more than a mere object of insurance money- and you begin to see the truth of the situation-

But by this time, you’re so mired in your addiction and the better part of 10 years has gone by- So you wonder about your life. What kind of life is this, my Lord- I asked? It’s a very grim set of circumstances for sure- For starters after the 10 years, I am much older than I was at the outset- I am also now fully addicted for 8 years to a drug akin to heroin. What should I do now?

Ask God what is going on? You bet I did. I asked and I demanded to know what in Creation is going on with my life? – I had pretty much resigned myself to an unkown future, often thinking that I would eventually die in my sleep from the drugs. I probably would have, but!!!

-Something unexpected and unexplainable happened?
I had been praying for a long time- And it hit me that I had overlooked Mother Mary as a source of support and so I began to pray to her- I put a statue of her on my bed and set it so that she faced me through the night and it comforted me and I asked her for help- It was about a week later that I had a dream. It was actually a dream and a vision- and to be honest it was so much more than that- This dream/vision was multifaceted and it showed that I was to suffer an immense consequence for allowing myself to be drawn into this situation- I was shown clearly that my choices led me into the situation. Period! I was shown that I will suffer from something I rather not say here-

However, that said- I was also given God’s Love in my heart and Soul- This caused a weeping spell that lasted for over 3 weeks and like I said this experience was multi-facted- If I try to explain one part of it I would say that something was etched someplace inside of me perhaps as the bible says in “hidden places”, it was akin to a list of things I had to check off- in order to be allowed to maintain my sanity. One by one- I checked them all off! I am not kidding this is all true! First and foremost I knew I had to get off the pills- I began to taper them instantaneously- and somehow on the first day I went from 8 pills/day down to 2 pills/day- This was beyond me because to be honest even the 8 pills were becoming insufficient under the laws of tolerance. With this amazing drop in dosage I was also under the will and influence and power of something beyond my comprehension? It had to be The Holy Spirit or an Angel, something but it was in spirit and it was in me.

Back to the list of things I had to do- I Had to apologize to people I had shut out of my life- including family members- I HAD to go to confessions- that was a 2 hour session of weeping and confessing- And other things too that I won’t mention here. I have done them, I have more to do- and I am still a sinner! I sin every single day without fail!!! Either in my thoughts, words, or actions. I am still a man like everyone else- and all I can say about this whole experience is that God has given me a second chance through a most wonderful and incredible miracle experience. To be honest I wouldn’t even share something like this because I normally wouldn’t even be sure if things like this should be shared- But I haven’t gotten the feeling that it’s bad to share, so I’m sharing it and I also know that many other have shared their own miracles- open this link, amazing stories of modern day miracles here; http://www.bibleprobe.com/miracles.htm

After this happened- I began to really believe that Mother Mary was extremely Powerful- I credited her with this Miracle- But then others I told about this experience told me that Mary cannot perform Miracles, only Jesus can. Mary is said to intercede with Jesus- for mercy and help. I was confused, unsure of these things.. So I said a prayer this one night- I said My Lord I wish I knew who helped me? Show me an image on a piece of toast, or on my window? I never expected such a thing- But I wanted God to know that I wanted to know so that I wouldn’t be confused about this. I fell away to sleep then.

The next day, I took my mother out for lunch- we went to a restaurant- it was one of the hottest days we had this past summer here in NY. I went into the drive way of the restaurant and there were many open parking spots by the door. But I was thinking ‘shade’ and I drove to the other side of the parking lot where I saw a spot in the shade and I pulled in there. I proceeded to take off my seatbelt and shut the car off when my mother said- “that looks like a face on that tree”? I didn’t even understand what she meant. Then she pointed and I saw it and right in that second I remembered my prayer, but not at first.. only after I saw the face and let me tell you the face is no ordinary face- It looks alot like Jesus. I told my mother about this and she welled up it’s all just too much-

Click to see photo on poetry contest site- Allpoetry.com;



{I’m adding this link to support my claims that doctors and pharmacies are not out for our health anymore – I saw this, had to post it-


Good luck everyone! Be smart out there! This is real. Sorry for the vulgar title.Read the text on the site, and believe. Read the text and you’ll see that drug manufacturer’s, pharmacies, doctors and government are all out to make money on us- Disposable Humans? Blasphemy To The Highest Degree! There will be Hell to pay! It’s not about protecting us anymore- it’s about our bodies being turned into drug-inducing cash cows- and the money rolls in and whatever happens to us, happens. They don’t care!

But with the recent rash of celebrity drug overdoses by prescription pills- ie., Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Brittney Murphy & a short time later Brittney’s husband- Simon Monjack , Greg Giraldo, Cory Haim, and many others-} The truth is beginning to come out, it will be just like the Wall St. scandal- but instead of money being stolen from greed- precious lives are being chemically downgraded and lost at the hands of greed.

Now is there any confusion with regard to ‘Greed’ being a deadly sin?

I will begin to write more about things I became aware of after my miracle- but here’s one.

Anyone whow profits in any way from any known or suspected immorality, in the drug industry, medical profession, cartels or drug dealers on a street corner- and that act of imomorality causes either 1 death or a million deaths will carry the same sentence. They will all die the second death. The Body Is A Temple Of God- The Soul, The Spirit, The Heart And Mind- God’s Temple- Likewise, any drug user who dies from the immoral use of “social” drugs whether intentional or accidental will not matter- he or she will die the second death. This may seem unfair to some? Yet, in the afterlife- many veils will be lifted- Truth will be truly True- When this happens, the Word of the Bible begins to come to life and weeping and gnashing of teeth will be abound. Everyone knows we are all ‘alive’ and we all have a sense of being divinely created through God’s Love. This Truth is programmed within us all.

We are Sacred and Precious Creations- To vandalize and desecrate our bodies and Souls will be clearly shown to be completely our own doing. There will be that instance of time, shown to all, where the individual made their lethal choice, decision, and action to say ‘yes’ to the immorality rather than ‘no’- And there will then be a million other examples of other Souls shown where these individuals said ‘no’ to the immorality rather than ‘yes’. This will bring about the individual proof of Truth before all- and the guilty will be condemned based on their ‘deadly sins’ ie., greed for money, gluttony for pleasure.

The Drug World Of Seller’s And Dealers Leads All Who Fail To Resist Its Satanic Profits And/Or Drug Users Who Fail To Resist Pleasuring Temptations- Are All On The Road To A Hasty Perdition! Dealer, Seller, Buyer And User Beware! A Wrathful Judgement And Death Sentence Is Closer At Hand Than You Know- The Second Death- To Perish Forever.

Gerard Haughey

~ poem written shortly after experience ~

Purdue Pharmacy/Oxycontin/ Lies To Public About Addictive Nature Of Drug- Please Read-

“The plea agreement comes after the company agreed to pay $19.5 million to 26 states and the District of Columbia to settle complaints that it encouraged physicians to overprescribe OxyContin.”

Do You Trust Government Vaccines? See The Results Of This Poll- Posted 10/20/2010

Addendum; http://prorege-forum.com/board_entry.php?id=10319

Dream That Made NY Man Quit 8 Year Drug Addiction In 8 Weeks- A Must Read
If a man in a high position falls from grace such as has happened with former president Bill Clinton, impeached governor Eliot Spitzer, many athletes- OJ Simpson- there is always a media fiasco surrounding such events.

The irony here is that the very things that interest us are quite expected really- Men who lie about who they are will be brought down by God as is said ‘all things done in darkness, shall come to light’.

There is something to be learned in the fall of people for sure. Still the amount of attention given to these events is preposterous.

I want to say this about my experience of having a miracle- When a person says they have a miracle people tend to think that the person is less than credible- This is an amazing paradox because the former example of the ‘fallen man’ which recieves the utmost attention- albeit somewhat necessary for a lesson to be learned- however the accused ‘man or woman’ who has committed the sin that has brought them down can not really offer any wisdom or intelligence because they were clearly lost in doing the acts they did.

However, when a person has a miracle and it is true, how can any of us really know if it is? Should every case be dismissed as incredible? Should every man, some who’ve experienced a possibly divine interaction, keep that experience to him or herself? And what if the person has been given knowledge or insight? Should he or she be dismissed? Why do I ask these questions?

Well, I’ve had an undeniable experience and I’ve been trying hard to figure out ways to express some insights I’ve had with regard to my experience- People who have had a miracle such as mine will tell you that they’ve had some miraculous event occur that otherwise was impossible to achieve. In my case I had a drug addiction that I couldn’t resolve over the course of 4 years from an addiction that lasted 8 years! And so I’ve been thinking of several things. For starters I had this dream and vision and experience of things put into my everyday thinking and understanding- These things change everything about me. This all happened back in January of 2010 and I can assure you the changes are as strong as they were the morning I woke from the dream. Now, I’ve had experiences where things felt to effect me but after a week or two or a month they faded away. This will not fade away.

So I’ve been thinking to myself what happened to me in this dream and vision? I’ve been trying to decipher the symobolism and message- though some were clear ie., ‘there were a list of things I had to do to maintain my sanity’, etc.. but is there something else that can be drawn here to show others how real this is? I think I may have isolated it and I’d like to share it.

In the dream/vision I was able to see and feel through an out of body experience my Soul in the process of perishing- I didn’t feel the pain of it but I could clearly see myself as the one struggling to breathe, in a steady flame, gasping for air and a loved one was shown to me to have already died the second death- These are powerful emotional feelings. The events took place in a spectacle and myself and a loved one were in a circus cage and onlookers cared as much about us as the onlookers cared about the gladiators who fought the lions in the colliseum. In addition to this experience there was the seed of Truth placed within me and certainly this was about my own self and what I needed to do to change. But if you think about it we all know that we need to change things but we procrastinate and sometimes we never do make the changes in our lives that we need to- and I’m talking about little things too like being more tidy at home, or paying our bills on time, not spending too much money carelessly, etc.. I mean I’m not talking about something like ‘hurry up get yourself off an 8 year drug addiction somehow’? Who could do this on their own volition? Without a ‘detox center’, without any professionals? Just a perfect mission from beginning to end and an addiction crucified in 8 weeks that lived for 8 years. What in God’s Creation could put that kind of fervor into a man’s heart to do this without stumbling even once? I’ll tell you what so that you will know then more about this miracle- Two things explain this. First I was given a True Knowledge that God is as the bible says ‘True And Present’- This changes things spiritually now because whatever it was that happened you now know God is there it takes away any doubts that can creep in and interfere with faith. This in itself is a miracle to live knowing God exists and has powers! But this is a personal experience and may only benefit myself and the truly faithful who understand this but that will not count the many, many who struggle with faith and I know this because I have myself in the past. When I had my struggles with faith I can’t say that too many things others said could impact upon it with the exception of course of some personal divine experience. Are not most of us like this? Weren’t the very people of Jerusalem like this with Jesus always asking Him to perform miracles? And still they didn’t believe Him even after healing crippled men, blind men, turning water into wine- Do you see how contrary we all are?

Okay, here is an important piece of my experience that I would like to share with you. The second and physical example of what happened to me should spark some interest but at least it should get just about anyone to think and wonder.

God knows that addiction is one of the most difficult things to get out of. A truly complex web of chemical strongholds that almost no one can undo themselves without a lengthy process of treatments and counseling. But what if a man came along who said he had a miracle through a dream and a vision and he told you that after this he was able to undo this chemical addiction by himself. No doctors, no detox, no in-patient, no drugs. Something made him taper it down in 8 weeks until there was nothing left to taper. What on earth was that?

He was shown the given Truth of God and Everlasting Life and he saw himself about to perish- He was given a list of things to do to ‘save’ himself. He was also given the task to share the experience and to tell the world that there is literally hell to pay with drug use or abuse- Hell to pay for all involved in the distribution of drugs and the use of drugs that result in the immoral loss of life. Souls will lose their chance to live on, and yet I carry a message to share that could save you as I believe that I can save myself. Look what I have done. This is why God performs miracles. So that those who witness them or are changed by them can show you what they did, that is rarely ever done.

My own doctor’s face dropped when I told him I was off all drugs. In fact three doctors who worked in the office were perplexed and all spoke with me, one doctor called me at home and asked me if it was true? I told hime ‘yes’. And he asked me how and why did I do it? Here is what I told him- I told him it was because of a spiritual experience- Then he told me that I didn’t have to feel ashamed that I was on pain medicines. I never said to him that I was ashamed? I then had the True Knowledge to tell him this- “Doctor, drugs interfere with our connection to God and they take away our depression and anxiety- but depression and anxiety are part of what leads us to righteousness and God has them there in place to tweak our path to Him- These drugs block those feelings as well as cut my lifetime short. If I miss out on my chance to be ‘saved’ will there ever be any pain killers to ease that pain?

After this he said nothing. So I told him I’d be back in for a final visit. When I went back in I was basically saying goodbye to them, the doctors- I was free. My hands are lifted to the Lord. I was, in just 8 weeks, free from an 8 year addiction to oxycontin. The doctor said to me “in my 25 years I have never seen anything like this before- you’re a rare bird” and he shook my hand and we said goodbye.

What would make a man scramble and beat an addiction like this as if his life were on the line? Only one thing, his life was on the line- My ‘eternal life’.

Was I saved for eternal life after my addiction was undone? In my biggest Hope! But I can’t say that I am saved because while I do have the addiction out of my life, I am still alive and learning and growing and so close now to God- I am right where I need to be to, one day, hopefully be saved. I am forever thankful fo this miracle of insight and Truth-

I want everyone to know that I quit an 8 year drug addiction to oxycontin in 8 weeks- to the dismay of doctors- for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. No other reason.

Gerard Haughey-
poem written shortly after experience-

Renowned priest Father Corapi talks about Spritual/Miraculous experience- similar in many ways to the account held here. It’s worth a look-see


Interesting spiritual experience by reknowned physicist Mike Bara-


John 11:4
“When Jesus heard that, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.”

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