Miracle baby

i was born in afamily of belivers but i had not been born again.i used to hear people talking about God working wonders in their lives but not really encounterd any miracle in my life.i realised it was not because God didnt love me but it as because i had not invited God in my life.My encounter with God started when i got maried and was pregnant with my second child.We really needed this child so much so that i would visit our doctor each time i felt ill.I started to have complications when i was five months pregnant,by then my relationship with God was so strong and thus my hope for this baby was restored each time i read the bible. i was also receiving prayers from friends and my parents and this kept me going until i was six months.i broke my waters at six months and was admitted at a local hospital.I stayed in the materninty ward for a period of one week without much change.The waters were still draining and i was living on the drug normally used by asthmatic patients to sustain the baby.At this moment i started losing hope because each time i asked the nurses about my chances of having the baby they would not tell me clearly and this brought a lot of doubt and fear of losing my baby.During my stay in the hospital i used to share the word of God with other ladies in the ward and giving them hope.this time now i really felt i wanted somebody to uplift my faith.I remember wondering whether the Lord wanted me to have this baby or not.I was so hopeless that i stopped sharing the word ,i lost my faith and fear engulfed me .One of the ladies i used to share the word of God with came and talked to me about how i imparted hope in her with my sharings.(she was admitted with the same problem as mine).i began to
feel revived ,to know that my sharings were fruitful to other patients and that they relied on them. I felt i was arole model to them and that i was not supposed to feel defeated .I started to pray for strength and that very day i had a dream.
When i woke up, the dream was still vivid and fresh in my mind.in the dream i was walking with my first born child near a waterfall and whilist we were the a man came to us with a tiny baby in white rompers. he asked me to hold the baby and cross to the other side of the waterfall.i refused telling him that i would rather hold on to my son than to cross with the two kids i would lose both of them.The man tried to convince me to go with the tiny baby too but i was afraid and doubted if i would be able to jump with both kids.the man just took the baby and forced it in my arms and pushed me.I jumped with both the kids but i dont know how i did it.i just saw myself on the other side of the waterfall with the boy on my left hand and the tiny baby under ny right armpit. I was filled wit joy that i started to shout.I remeber saying” i have been given a baby girl and i shall call her Tapuwanashe meaning (a gift from God) .I woke up with a smile knowing that The Lodrd was giving me hope .In the dream the Lord gave me as song which kept on ringing throughout my stay in the hospital.the song was extracted from psalms 23.

It was on a wednesday when i started having labour pains ,around 3pm of that day i was blessed with a baby girl.she was a premature baby and she weight 1kg .I was so happy to have her in my arms though the nurses had announced that she was a severe premature, i kept on hoping for the best.Tapuwa staterd to experience difficulties in breathing and was put on oxygen .she survived and was put in the inciubator , there she was again attacked by jaundice and she could not breast feed.through all this that song was still ringing in my mind and it strengthened me each time i sang it.I now understand why God gave me the song ,it encouraged me to face each day’s challenge as it came.

she survived the yellow fever and i was transfered to a room where i would stay with my baby alone .i would pray and talk to my baby that everything was going to be okay.little did i know that the baby had be attacked again by cerebral palsy a condition whereby a person experiences a group of disorder affecting body movements ,balance and posture.After a week or two of her delivery we were discharged and went home.i was not aware of this condition until my baby was five months.she could not sit on her own.I went to my doctor where i was refered to specialists and leant that the baby had suffered delayed milestones . I was disheartened and and very angry .to think that my baby might not be able to walk on her own for the rest of her life.i went ito a depression and was asking god why it had to turn out like this..At this moment i was also experiencing problems with my husband, i felt lke i had to carry the burden all by myself.But the Lord is faithful , iwent to a church service that day and i felt my burden lifted and knew that God was speaking to me.During the service i heard a voice telling me that ” my grace is sufficient for you” i remember crying throughout the service .

i staterd going with my baby to physiotheraphy, she was helped there and i could see God’s hand through the physiotherapist.unfotunately i got a new job and transfered to another province where the where there was no proper physiotherapy . i stayed there and my baby was now two years but stil could not walk .My church members started to pry for me and the baby . i am happy this worked out, the Lord heard our prayers and fasting .Tapuwa started to walk at 2 and half years of age., She is a beautiful ,lovely girl ,she is six years old now,she can read and write very well.she is bright in school. she only has a challenge with her walking but she is okay.I love the Lord for her,when i look at her i see God at work .even if i ask for anything i no longer dought my God .He is faithful everyday ,every hour and all the time.

i hope my testimony will help those who had lost their faith in God,if you feel that the Lord has failed you , be ye restored your faith in Jesusus’ name …… Amen and Amen!!!!!!!!

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