Ministry Options available at a Mission!

Dear all,

As we have enjoyed the ministry’s with the help of “THIRSTMISSIONS” hence, I would like to share you here:

Ministry Options available at or

Each group can choose 4-8 of the following ministries:

Children’s Ministry: Vacation Bible School or kids club

Service Projects: Construction, repair work, painting, clean-up work

Church Ministry: Attend, participate, or lead church and/or Sunday school

Sports Ministry: Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, frisbee, etc.

Spanish Ministry: Although the official language of Belize is English, we would be glad to partner you with Spanish-speaking churches and villages

Outreach Nights: Game nights, concerts, youth night, family night, love feasts

Home Ministry: Provide blessings to individual families that could include: service projects, clean-up, bible studies, and anything that helps to build cross-cultural friendships and relationships

Prayer Ministry: Prayer walking and prayer meetings

School Ministry : Observe classes, lead chapel, participate in recess activities

Mercy Ministry: Senior citizen centers, hospitals, prisons, orphanages, visits to shut-ins

Evangelism: Large group gatherings, door-to-door ministry, street ministry

Youth Ministry : Lead youth gatherings and provide teaching, worship, fellowship activities

Adult Ministry: Parenting classes, Bible studies, topical studies

Medical and Dental Ministry: Available for groups of 20+

Regards from JUSTIN UNME

Have a nice ministry trip in “THIRSTMISSIONS”!

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