Mental blindness

It is better and good for a man to be sight blind than to be mind blindness because many are blind by sight but are able to walk because they think to see in life. I quote: The gods of this age has blinded their minds,, 2cor. 4:4. When your mind is being blinded, what ever you will told, you have no idea and understanding. So wherever your heart is your mind is found. Blessed are pure in heart for they shall see God. Because you think about him, you,ve found him. Stay blessed.

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  1. blueaquachairs says:

    Jer 17:9

    The heart is deceitful and above all, things and desperatly wicked: who can know it?



    UFB.w? or UFC?

    IS 29:15

    Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the LORD, who do their work in darkness and think, “Who sees us? Who will know?” NIV

    Woe to them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us? KJV

  2. blueaquachairs says:

    the blindness of a man can be healed…many was:

    1) The real God Almighty in Heaven
    2) Doctors, depending on tbe cause
    3) A love of a friend in a face to face coversation.

  3. blueaquachairs says:

    < UPDATED > BABY TALK: A process of psychological programming thats used to control children and adults.

    This informational presentation is for parents who have babies recovering from a partial or incomplete programming process. This is very dangerous because the interim recovery state is that of rebellion, anger and revenge and that’s not good because the child can be very focused an calculating, but unpredictable.

    “Baby Talk” is designed around the creation and use of artificialy created neural pathways that they, the parents, intentionaly create to be used as a form of control. The intent is to make the child into submissive person that can be controlled using voice commands in normal everyday language. If completed this will remain active, unbeknownst to the child, into their adult years and even the rest of their lives.

    This procedure is normally done by parents, who themselves are naturally weak, afraid and lack self-esteem, so they can “stand-over” and control the normal assertive child as if the parent is strong and the child were a “Fallen Oak Tree”.

    It’s a common practice/abuse by parents who have been using this in other ways such as for Control of others forcing them to Unwillingly Submit Sexually for Perverted Sex – SM – Incest, etc.*, Relious Cults, Psychological Brainwashing Programs and Witchcraft.

    *I know a woman, who’s into drugs, abominable sex practices and witchcraft, that actually used this process on two of her brothers.

    One was a mid-process rebel never converted (that story yet to be told) and the other she had used this secret mental abuse along with methamphetamine to drive her brother insane, ruin his health and exploit his weakend state to control him and make him (not knowing she was involved) do unmentionable sexual acts with men, women, both, orgies, etc. and she even recorded video for her continued perverted pleasure. It’s believed she “goes camping” with him several times a year where she easily controls and seduces him into their own drug filled incest extravaganza. Mom n Son, how sweet.

    The “Baby Talk” procedure can be used on it’s own, but when you combine it’s basic principles with other methods of psychological manipulation and control it becomes more powerful, but more dangerous too.

    One of the main tools is used to enhance and amplify the basic “nuts n bolts tools” as an extreme, subversive and sadistic form of “emotional manipulation”. Using positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions are the most powerful to maintain a positive working relationship with the child/subject.

    This includes tactical manipulation using “Reward and Denial” of positive emotions such as LOVE, AFFECTION, HOPE, JOY, COMPASSION, HAPPINESS, SEXUALITY.

    The basis and point of approach in these methods require absolute trust of the parent/therapist by inducing the child/subject to commit themselves fully – mentally and emotionally. This is powerful if the parent executing the process is already trusted by the child and is a BIG BANG POWERFUL approach when the therapist already possesses unconditional and overwhelming trust, love, desire and commitment by the subject/child and the subject has consciously committed themselves -physically, mentally and emotionally to the therapist as a friend for life, a soul-mate or more.

    I’ve learned much of this deceptive practice, first hand from a lady known by every Coven in the USA as the “Beloved Kristisis Manipulati Heartis”, High Priestess and Sorcerersis.

    More on the methods used and dangers of this process will be reported later.

    In this story, these particular parents are now in denial, disbelief because they never truly anticipated the consequences of this type of “behavioral trading” gone wrong.

    The mom, UFB.w has said, “This isn’t our first baby by any means. We’ve been through this many times and have been successful , though a brother has been rendered mentally incompetent, and we’ve always maintained full control with regards to all our babies, but this one is different…and were really scared.

    When past the abortion stage, these parents struggle with the fear and knowledge they will both have to sacrifice the rest of their lives in order to give their baby assurance of autonomy and of a new beginning.

    These parents know and understand the importance of their babies mental/emotional health. This mom and the “not the momma” have accepted they will have to give up their life, as they know it stating, “We want to immunize our baby from hidden dangers that can’t be diagnosed now or anticipated in the future. We’ve lived selfish lives up to this point as takers, but we know it will now requure our sacrifice , because is the only way to satisfy the needs of our baby. We know, even if we try to escape this reality, that eventually when we least expect it, our worst nightmare will manifest, like a wolf in sheeps clothing and be catastrophic. We know we’ll be stopped dead in our tracks, even if we try to stick our heads in the sand, because this is not something that just goes away or heals with time.

    Our only hope, since God has no provision for negotiation, is that we accept full responsibility for the creation of God, thats our baby. Our baby has struggled with hidden symptoms of result of ” Münchausen by Proxy”, but is recovering and now ready to fight back.

  4. Pastor Frank O Koomson says:

    God heal us from every mental illment.

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