Mary comes out of religious emptiness to Christ

My name is Mary and I was born and grew up in a Catholic family.

I attended the church services regularly, prayed to saints, obeyed the rules, followed the traditions .. however, I felt an emptiness in my heart.

One day, I happened to attend a prayer meeting. The praise and worship was so powerful that I couldn’t explain. I experienced the presence of God there. I felt like something is being filled in me.

I left the Catholic church and get baptised and I never turned back to the catholic rules and traditions again. From then, I realised that the important thing we need to care is our relationship with Jesus Christ. I deeply believe that the word of will always console us and almighty God will protect us forever. He will never leave us to be alone among our problems.

When I baptised, my son left home and came back only after 6 years. I am still praying for him to come the love of Jesus Christ.

I went to attend the prayer meeting with a very bad pain in my leg. I prayed for healing and at the same moment I was healed.

God is almighty that he blessed my daughter with a good life partner. I still wonder how all that happened. Glory to Lord that he is caring for me and my children. I have a lot of diseases like diabetic, body pain … anyway .. my Lord is caring me by keeping me in his hands.

I invite your prayer for me and my family.

May God bless you all

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