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A poster on another board, the topic of which was questioning the authenticity of the last 12 verses in the book of Mark, wrote that it doesn’t really matter because there is no doctrinal teaching in Mark 16:9-20 that cannot be proved elsewhere in agreed Scripture.

I made the mistake of sticking my nose into the discussion by pointing out that actually there is a statement in verse 9, as the KJV and similar versions have it, that is used for a doctrinal teaching that is to be found nowhere else in Scripture. As the KJV translates it, it is the only place that puts the resurrection on the first day of the week. I then suggested that whenever the discussion of seventh day observance versus first day observance comes up, first day proponents usually use the idea of a first day resurrection to justify the change, and when questioned about the day of resurrection, frequently quote Mark 16:9. The poster came back with: “Quote a published author who has done that.” – I have not yet been able to come up with one. Does anyone here know of one?

What do YOU think?



  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    The scripture of entering the strong man’s house, When the HolyGhost enters into the heart of a sinner,He cleans it up and dwells there,HE santifies his dwelling,He is the strongest (man per say)demons cannot throw him out……but the HolyGhost is a genleman,if you do not want him and reject him,he will leave,then will the less strong(men per say)as demonic forces,fleshly old ways will return,often making a more vile person of yourself than was before salvation.santification etc,,,,,,there was once a organ player back in the late 60s,he was in a christian church for a while and professed salvation,however he was not happy serving God,rejecting his ways,the more he grew vile and opened his heart to evil spirits promising greater things,,,,,,He finally left the church and sold his soul to satan for his own lust and power,the more he hungered the more the devil drag him deeper,so to make it harder to ever return,,,,,The man was Anton Lavey,he wrote the satanic bible,and started ,,The First Church of satan in 1969,the song hotel california is about that place,,,few years ago he died,,,woe to that man for this is my view of first degree blaspheme,many lost their soul,,,the Spirit of God is the strongest man as long as you allow him to be in your life

  2. Anyone?

  3. Holyroller_11 says:

    Mary went to the tomb on the first day of the week (acts)and the tomb was empty,but she saw angels and Jesus and he said touch me not for I have not yet gone to the Father.If the first day of the week was important enough to mention the day the new testiment began,on resurection day,(SUNDAY)its good enough for me,But any day you choose to spend with the Lord is a good day

    • Chris Petersen says:

      Dear Holyroller_11, Your closing statement sums-up the point I was making in my post. I could also put it this way also… As a parent of two adult children who never remember me on my birthday or on father’s day, I would be “pleased as punch” if they contacted me at all, on any day and for whatever reason. I would indeed feel “Honoured”. I suppose that is why God gave it as a Commandment…For our Farther which art in Heaven knows the Joy is brings to Him, as does The Son when we remember Him also…

      God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

    • Kingdom Seeker says:

      If we take the scripture that says that Jesus would spend three days and three nights in the centre of the earth into account, and count bakwards from Sunday, one would arrive at a very interesting conclusion. then it would mean that Our Lord was not crucified on a Friday. We know that He was crucified during the day not at night. Interesting. Anyway, the Sabbath is the seventh day which is Saturday according to Scripture. But the SUNDAY that the New Testament Church holds its worship on is not to be deemed as the first day of the week, but as the eighth day; thus signifying a new beggining. This is just like the circumcision that Israel was commanded to carry out on the eighth day. A new beggining. Over to you Brethren. What do think?

  4. Chris Petersen says:

    When God said “let there be light” did it appear on the opposite side of the Earth to His Garden of Eden? I think not, I would invisage it would have appeared directly overhead – nee MIDDAY or NOON. And if the Evening and the Morning where the First Day, then the day begins at NOON and finishes the following NOON.

    So why do we relate to the day beginning at MIDNIGHT and finishing the following MIDNIGHT? As in “the Morning and the Evening constitute a day”?????

    I think the most important thing is that we Believe in his Reserection and not quabble over the day of the week it occurred.

    God Bless! Keep the Faith, God knows we can’t keep track of time.

    • Chris Petersen,

      Do you have any information with regard to my request in the OP?

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      there are many sabboths in the jewish year,the jewish year is only 360 days,,,,the time was mixed up for a reason,,,to help stop strange people from picking a day of the Lord,,,,,,,,so people would make themselves ready all the time,,,,,, as I said ,Jesus intentionly met Mary at the tomb on the first day of the week,,,,all scripture is given by the HolyGhost,,,,,,,,if it is good enough for him ,its good enough for me,,I am not under Jewish law,I’m under grace,,,,,besides if you chose to go by the law of the sabboth,,,you can only travel 1 mile,,,plan on staying home that day or hope you church is close by,,,God bless

      • Holyroller_11 says:

        there will always be people(for what ever reason)want to mix jewish law with new testiment gentiles,grace,but thats ok,,,,everyone must work out his own salvation with fear and trembling,,,the fact is the greatest event in the history of the bible was the reserection from the dead by Jesus,and as the result set every man free if he chooses,,,,,,the bible from cover to cover centers around it,,,,,no one could write a book like that except by God,,,,,God does not make mistates or gets his days mixed up,only people do,,,,,,,his word true if every man be lier,,,,,or we have no foundation at all,,,do you think it took Christ from midnight til next morning to go to the father,,no!!he was there in the morning for a reason,,,,,think not he could have had Mary go to the tomb at midnight just as easily,just be thankful he was right on time,every time,,,and he is not slack concerning his promises ,remember satan tried to argue with michael the archangel,over Moses,,,,,,now really,what difference did it make ,,concerning Moses burial,,,,,,,,,enjoy the fact that your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life,,amen

        • Holyroller,

          Do you have any information with regard to my request in the OP?

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            exodus chapter 31 verses15 through 17,,,,,It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever,,,,read these and see for Israel,,,also matthew chapter 28 after the sabboth,,as it became dawn,,,the earthquake,,and Mary and Jesus,,,,,,there was no need to spend night in prayer,after he died,,,,,,,He was seen on sunday, his new testiment church was born then,,agreat day ,for certain,,,but any day for the Lord is great,,,,,pentecost was not on either,but the Spirit came,,,still a great day,,,,gentiles under grace not Jewish law,,,,,,,if this is not the info you want be more clear,,,,hr

          • Holyroller,

            re: “…if this is not the info you want be more clear…”

            I’m simply looking for a published author and a quote from that author that argues for a change of observance from the seventh day to the first day due to the idea of a first day resurrection and who uses Mark 16:9 to support a first day resurrection. I’m afraid I can’t be anymore clear than that.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            There is a published author who says not to judge a person based upon what day they choose to observe… his name is Paul. I think the point the person you are seeking to answer is that you made a statement for which you had no support.

            The person is right and wrong on that point. You evidently have no published author, so to pull one out of the air, as though you had it all along, would be misleading. You claimed people use Mark 16:9 to make a point and yet you did not have a published author to support that. You do NOT need to have a published author for your statement to have merit. In that, you need to tell the person simply that you have no published author as a source for that and not seek to save your pride….

            I would answer their question by simply stating what you have said is heard numerous times from many pulpits and on Christian radio, though you have no published source for your statement. Just because I did not save the receipt, does not mean I did not eat out at McDonald’s last night…. were you to offer this person a “published author” they would simply tell you that “they publish anybody these days…”

            The point of your discussion should not be what people think about the topic, but what God says. That helps us keep our thoughts clear!

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