Man with eardrum removed gets hearing back in that ear!

A friend, John Edwards posted me this in a private message on Facebook:

I attended a John Mellor meeting Sunday night. A couple I’ve known for nearly 20years – their son-in-law had had an eardrum removed in an operation. Well, sitting in his seat, he suddenly could hear out of that ear. I talked to him and his wife, whom I’ve known of for years, after the meeting, and he said everything sounds loud now, he even talks more softly coz he can better hear his own voice now


What do YOU think?


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  1. Rev Mike ,

    The road for full time evangelists is a tough one.
    The protestant / evangelical “(business) model'” is not so robust.

    Other denominations like the Catholics start schools or hospitals or orphanages or
    old age homes ,not because Jesus told them to do so , …..but to support them
    It is also easier to get contributions from secular people and the government for
    such social causes that for purely religious causes.

    Many well known preachers , like late Bro DGS Dhinakaran worked
    in 9 to 5 jobs , ….before going into full time ministry.

    From a practical point of view , ….a ministry needs to have a certain
    number of people or partners for it to sustain itself.
    Australia has a limited no of people , ….and most of them are atheist

    In India ,the road for pastors is tough too ,…………..
    but if one starts a school or something in some shanty town
    the money flows in ,………..:-)
    And the preacher and his wife , do God’s work in the evening
    and on Sundays,….a pretty good model ,…to be honest.

    But believe me Rev Mike ,….you are right in doing what you are
    doing ,…..preaching the true gospel ,….and not like the robber
    baron TV Evangelists , …..

    Dont look for evaluations from men ,……..
    look only for that from God.

    You rate highly on that front.



    • Thanks for understanding. I’m glad you have thought about this issue also. We are working on a lot of things. One day the trees planted will bear fruit.

  2. Last week someone has posted a web link with some some good inspiring books. Somehow<, I lost track of the website. Can you post it again. Thanks,....

  3. warrior daughter says:

    I have a hole in my left eardrum ….I can hear very well through this ear…When I was a small girl I was constantly sick with ear infections and my eardrum never healed …..I had several operations to take care of this problem but they were unsucessful…I can remember crying not wanting to go to the doctor for more shots and other things…My Dad would ask me “Don’t you want to hear the birds sing?”….After all the medical procedures that did not work my parents prayed for me…Whenever I have a medical checkup the doctors are amazed that I have perfect hearing in a ear that should not …Also I have perfect harmonizing ability when I sing in groups…

    • Well Saints,

      I’ve been doing a lot of research about supernatural healing.

      What you mention is great !!!
      that Prayer brings about healing.

      From some other might men of God , I gather this.

      Healing takes place , when the good news is preached.

      Also, Mark 16:20 says this,

      “And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.”

      Furthur , when salvation is preached , people are saved
      and when healing by Jesus is preached , people are healed ,…

      Few know about the above , powerful facts.

      So if you want people to he healed , preach the healings done by Jesus,
      and if you want people to be saved , preach Salvation and the Change of
      Lives , done by our Lord.



  4. Phewwwwwwwww !!!

    That is amazing !!!

    Praise the Lord Jesus.


  5. MelodyCat says:

    Praise God!

    How encouragaging to see the Lord move like that today. Everything seems so hard and we are waiting for God to act in our own lives. I’m so pleased for your friend. I’m remaining hopeful to have my own prayers for healing answered this side of heaven.

    Thanks for posting this Michael!

    I’ve been away due to chronic fatigue (again) and other illnesses (on going). God sustains me each day, I know this and I am very grateful. I have to say getting through each day as sick as I am is a miracle.

    Of course “If I had a choice”, I’d rather God answer prayer regarding my family rather than get healing for myself. Salvation for my (& my hubby’s) unsaved family and deliverance for my brother and father from their destructive addictions.

    This has lifted my spirit, I’ve been really down. Praise God once agian He is wonderful. Amen


    • I knew John Mellor’s former personal assistant Malin. She had TERRIBLE fibromyalgia and could not operate her coffee shop properly. She was totally healed at a John Mellor meeting.
      A number of totally blind people have been healed in Australia through John’s ministry, including a former blind yachtsman who won awards as such.

      I tell you, if you get a chance, go to a John Mellor meeting. He is Australian you know.

      I wish people would not only go to meetings of really anointed healing evangelists, but also support them financially. They normally do it incredibly tough, and not many people care. Forget showmen like Benny Hinn – they are the exceptions, they are very good at marketing, branding through being very selective in what they allow to reach the public. There are really anointed evangelists out there like John Mellor who hardly anyone has heard of. These guys pray all the time, and have been through long seasons of fastings and many heartbreaking trials to get where they are.

      I find it easy to ask for others but not for myself. At times God has used me with miracles and I understand something about it. I went from being a missionary pastor/evangelist to being a real estate agent perhaps because it was God’s plan to improve my presentation skills, I don’t know. One thing I can tell you is that its is INCREDIBLY tough to get any credibility or livable support through pastors if you have this kind of calling. Of course, I get lots of invites to go to Africa, Pakistan or whatever so I can help them build a church building or whatever. But not in Australia.

      So today in Australia we have churches absolutely FULL of sick people, we have starved our healing evangelists and discouraged them at every turn, and we truly believe that a bigger building and a new sound system will save the world.

      • Hi Michael-

        Thank you for the good work- I hope that your Real Estate tent making is flourishing.

        In terms of what you say here- I respectfully disagree. Who needs the support of any man, pastors, churches or any organization for that matter? If a person knows that (s)he is commissioned by God and has empowerment for the ministry, they go ahead, this is faith.

        They do what it takes- if this means supporting ther ministry by part-time work, then they do this, as Paul did so. Sometimes, this means sacrificing on time with family etc. (I know for I have done this)- and its painful but that is the way it swings-Is this not what taking up your cross means?

        Friends of mine have gone hungry in ministry- this where they were not supported by any church or missionary organization- nothing new here. When this has happened, they have secured work- whatever work they could put their hands to- not necessarily in line with their secular qualifications.

        Through this they became oaks. And yes, their preaching resulted in miracles, healing etc. They just shunned publicity on these matters. After all, our advertisement is the Gospel- not the food that is distributed from the Gospel.

        Growing into oaks, the support has poured in- but even if it hadn’t, it is their choice to walk in the Cross.


        There is nothing preventing you requesting support- state it boldly and explain your mission if they don’t understand it. If your ministry is burning hearts and it has the Lord’s blessing then the support will be there.


        As it stands there are ways to raise funding for to make your capital work for you but it is possible you have not considered the matter broadly enough.

        Go well, Peer.

        • Thanks for your input. On this matter you have every right to disagree with what I have said, I’m glad it provokes a little discussion. In the end, if I could hear God sending me forth into the harvest field in Australia I suppose I would go without regard to the cost, and if its truly of the Lord He will make it work. At times I have gone out in the name of the Lord to overseas fields and God has abundantly supplied the needs in surprising ways. He gave me a gift of faith for those occasions. Its only when returning to Australia that I’ve had to take up “tent making” of one form or another. Maybe that’s God’s plan, I don’t know. I’ve come to kind of accept it.

 itself only needs $80 a month for web hosting, the google ads cover that. I’m not working on the site that much now any more. There is an awful lot that could be done, especially in terms of video production, but it will have to wait.

          There have been some real miracles of provision for us enabling us to get our own house again. But sometimes I wish I was doing what I was doing 15-20 years ago. We had some pretty exciting times with God proclaiming the gospel in power.

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