Man implants himself with chip to control systems – a sign of the future?

An Australian man has had himself chipped with the Verichip and uses it to open his house door and log on to his computer.

Everyone is being conditioned to accept these things. It will take time, but eventually, people will be psychologically prepared to take the Mark of the Beast in the aftermath of an economic emergency – perhaps one engineered by the global big banks themselves – who knows? Its pretty easy to imagine how this chip will be sold to people. How about?

– as a way of preventing identity theft

– as a way of making your email and your home more secure

– as a way of proving you are not one of the bad guys (i.e. terrorists)

– as a way of preventing economic fraud (note: it is not INDIVIDUALS who have been looting the public purse to cover up their failed speculations – it is the banks).


I believe that it would not be impossible for someone in China say to create fraudulent chips which emit the same number as yours anyway, give it some external power source, strap ito ON TOP OF THEIR HAND and use that to break into all your things. Perhaps someone can tell me why this would be impossible.





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