Malcolm Phillips: 5 words for unbelievers – heartwarming

I think that believers can learn from these messages as well because they show God’s compassion.

I just want people to know about my love, says the lord.

I am waiting with arms open for anyone to call upon my name.

1. Repent – The spirit of the Lord says: “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to me except through my son. None on this earth are without sin and I say to you, are you not feeling empty inside? Do you not feel alone, even though you have many around? I see you suffering with loneliness, depression, mental illness, disease, infection, and even crippled. I the one who created all things can heal you of all that you have. I the one that has created all things want to comfort you of the burdens that have been placed on you by the people who call themselves ‘a friend’. Allow me to be a friend and you will not be disappointed. I will never turn my back on you and I will give you a peace you have never known before and a love you have never felt. If you are looking for me you will find me. If you call upon my name, right where you are I will reveal myself. When you ask me to forgive you it will be forgotten. Do not allow this world to keep you in memory of your wrongdoing. Allow me to help you forgive yourselves and others. I will forgive you when you turn to me.” says the Lord

2. Guilt – The spirit of the Lord says: “Do not allow your guilt to take you down to the grave, for I am the way out. Even though you have gotten yourself entangled in a tight web, no situation and circumstance can stand when you allow me to intervene for you. Before your guilt overtakes your life, there is a way out and that is through me. I do not care what you have done, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But I the Lord God says, ‘come as you are’. And cast all your cares on me, for I will take them and replace them with a peace you have not known and a love you have not felt. Stop looking at the situations, no matter how big or even small. I can and will remove them from you, and we will move forward together.” says the Lord

3. Love – The spirit of the Lord says: “I have a love that the world cannot give. I the Lord will draw you unto me if you let me. I see your broken heart, I see your crying soul, I see the pain in your chest, I see that crushed spirit. I ask you to give me a chance to heal your heart, heal your soul, renew your spirit, and remove your pains. I am looking at you and you are alone, you are crying out for help and attention. And you are waiting for someone, anyone to tell you everything will be fine, but I tell you the truth, that when you bring your suffering to me. I will take your suffering off your shoulders and place it on mine. I long for you all to not carry the burdens of this life. But know this, I promise to carry your burdens, that you may all be set free of your troubles.” Says the Lord.

4. Time – The spirit of the Lord says: “There is no better time to listen. How I long to get involved in your troubles, your situations, and your circumstances and to bring a total healing to your soul, mind, and body. Oh, how I long to show you what that void is that is missing inside of you. For I can fill any voids. And all voids. I the Lord want to turn your life completely around, and I look to do that right now. There is no better time than the present to shed all that is holding you in bondage. The bondage breaker and the yolk destroyer wants to set you free right now. Do not hesitate and do not procrastinate for your time to be set free is right now. I do not care what other people think or say. Do not let them stop you for your total and true freedom starts today. If you will come to me with all your issues of life, I will remove them.” Says the Lord.

5. COMFORTER – The spirit of the Lord says: ” I am the comforter, and I want to comfort you. You say, ‘How can I find him, and what should I say? And I the Lord your God tell you that if you call upon my name and believe, I will show up, and you will be comforted. For I long to bring an end to all your turmoil. Where turmoil is removed I will POUR into you and fill those empty gaps with my spirit. And you will be comforted.” Says the Lord.

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