Loving God and Jesus and the devils games!!!!!!!

I have read many, many comments by many people on here. And everyone has right to their own comments…I do see others trying to help show what Jesus offers in one’s life. I see people who ask a question and instead of possibly listening to what others are saying, have a deaf ear and have decided they have an answer for their own question. I ask why bother if you seem to have made your own mind up, even ask in the first place..Is it because your truly not trusting in Gods word? The devil wants you to second guess everything, that is how he pulls the faith from under you… He loves ignorance arrogance,ego and self love.. He wants you to represent all that is negative and false…. If you have a question all you need to do is pray!!!!! We are all Gods children!!!! And though we can be like minded, doesn’t mean we all view things the same! I know that being Gods children we are on this earth to do his Will. And spread his Word and Love. Just because we don’t all think exactly the same doesn’t make us wrong or weaker then others, doesn’t mean our Love for God and Jesus is any less then anyone else..I with my heart I believe that if you speak (Pray) to Our Lord Jesus, he will speak back. If you ask for forgiveness for your sins, then you will be forgiven..It truly isn’t rocket science and is easier then I thought it was gonna be… And realize now ,that the devil wanted me to think that having a relationship with God and Jesus was going to be a inconvenience and going to be hard ,but I do know better now and everyday it amazes me all the awesome lessons I learn be them hard or easy because they make me a stronger person to be able to spread the Love and Word of Jesus… What a Great Gift to have a relationship with Our lord Jesus Christ Thank you Jesus you are an amazing and patient teacher indeed!!!!!

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