Love Birds

I was sick. I was very sick. I had been for a while and It left me depressed, lonely, depressed and very hopeless I also felt like I was no longer loved by God.

I looked out my bedroom window and sighed. While I did this, I for some reason had an image in my head of a brown bird purched on my window screen. In my head the hopefull part of me said “mabe God will put a brown bird on my window screen.” Then another thought came in to me, and I now realize it was the devil. He said “God wont do that. You’re not special, he wouldn’t do that for you.” The depressing thought hit me and I sighed again. Hope was lost again.

So I laied down on my bed, rolled over facing away from my window and closed my eyes.
All of a sudden, I head a scratching noise from behind me. I thought “what could that be”” I turned over and looked, and there purched on the bottom left corner of my window were two love birds. They were sittng right next to eachother, looking at me.

They were beautiful. They both were mostly bright green with bright red chests. They were a perfect image of each other. They looked exactly alike.

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to think. Why where they there?
What were the odds that two love birds would come and purch on my window? Another thing, I live in Richmond Virginia (USA) and the only place you find love birds are in cages in pet stores.

This is my testamony. I think God sent them to tell me he loved me and that I might not be special to people in the world, but I was special to him.

God Bless You!

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