Lost Item

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

I just recently lost my wallet at some restaurant that i had to go to for the sake of family. I’m losing peace and waking up much with anxiety.It is a horrible feeling as i suffered from serious anxiety before. And The two most important things were kept in my wallet, one, my identity card which i recently renewed and it would cost 300 dollars if i had to replace it, the other is a thumbdrive with all the important and private information stored. I just need to get this two things back. And I am hoping very hard for the Lord to help me on this and sent a kind soul to returned me back what belongs to me.

Please remember me in your prayers dear friends.

Yours gratefully,

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  1. Dear Tim and brothers and sisters in Christ, (God bless you always)

    I hope your seeing this.Thank you for your message and prayer. Praise be to God. Yes I’ve got my wallet back from the place i left it. I know this seems to be a minor thing but I am glad to be casting all my anxieties onto the Lord concerning everything. This is definitely a daily practice and relearning for myself. I thank God for the peace that he has given unto us not like the world gives us. Thank you to Our Lord again & for his perfect timing. Amen.

    Yours gratefully,

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