Lost Faith in God

Hi everyone my name is wendetta I am a christian but here lately I have lost faith in god no rhyme or reason just have. I found
christian faith by googling how to get faith in god so I am looking for a church home and hoping to find answers here.

What do YOU think?



  1. This is all a learning process for us and as Paul mention the “he has learned to….” we cannot be perfect and know all the steps to be lead by the spirit. I believe that God wants us to be in a learning mode when He comes back for us at least in the process…

    I’d say it’s not ‘hard’ but it’s not as easy as I’d thought. But it gets better and better as long as you stay in the Word of God. You can’t learn and grow without the Word. Just think,.. in Heaven…our eternal home (can’t wait) there is not garbage, no filth, no trouble, no pain, no animosity, no nothing that is bad or negative. I believe that the Lord needs us to be 100% pure to see Him, He needs to see that we have the heart and the purity and most of all the will to please and obey Him to come in to His kingdom. It only make sense. ( Bless the Lord).

    Jesus paid a very, very hard price for us to obtain this, and why wouldn’t anyone go out of THEIR way to please Him and strive to do what He would do in this life. Just think you’re doing it for Him, always unto Him, He sees that , he will honor that. That makes it easier for me..there are things my flesh fights me to do or not to do but my inner man fights back with the Word and it’s smooth sailing…

    Love you brethren…

    • These are great thoughts. I hope you will keep writing stuff like this.

      • Thanks Michael, I am just being honest, this is how is it for me on my walk with God. If I never had the Lord in my life i would still be lost i the dark, thinking I’m living right.. How about yourself?

  2. davidchik says:

    God loves you.

    18 years ago I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour. I thought I was clear about everything.

    13 years ago I was a very active Christian. I participated in short term ministry, hospital ministry, choir, cell group, etc.

    8 years ago I moved to another country to work. I could not find a church. I could not find any friends (everyone in the company was so fake). I left God and indulged in pornography and gambling. I became a very bad guy.

    3 years ago I met a wonderful grl (who is my wife now). She helped me to come back to God.

    Thank God !! This experience gave me a VERY DEEP understanding of what is meant by “born again”, “grace”, “serving God”, and all sort of things. I thought I understood, but I didn’t.

    God loves you. He wants you to go deeper. He wants you to build your house on solid rock ground but not on sandy ground.

    • Amen for that, I had same experience like yours brother, but God bring me back again in Ministry till now and I believe this faith and love for Him will remain till His return..

    • Good for you, i am glad you came to to Christ. He paid a price for all of us and all we need to do is receive it. Bless you brother and your family.

  3. Timothy Luke says:

    Jesus calls us to lose everything in this life to gain eternal life. The American paradigm of prosperity is rooted in SELF, which Jesus called us to die to.  Our faith is something that looks beyond self to our higher purpose.  I would recommend reading "Radical" by David Platt for those disillusioned with the American Dream and its integration with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – which corrupts the Gospel and the hearers. I was questioning my own faith seriously when the Lord brought us to repentance and showed Himself to us.  You can read about it at http://clearlyhis.com/our-story.html I hope it blesses you!


    Believing is seeing.  Hold fast to your faith. Speak to God clearly about your doubts and sincerely ask Him to show you the answers. Then obey His leading as He directs your steps out of the muddle and into the flow of His Word!



  4. MHolden says:

    Hi wendetta

    Like you, I have found myself questioning my faith at times. Everything seems so material with a mans value based on the money in his money instead of his respect for God and love for Jesus. I am also walking a path and looking for answers

    You are not alone

    • Hey Wendetta & MHolden,

      Why don’t you guys stop and take a breather…

      Take your bible one day and if you have an hour to spare, or a lunch hour to spare, spend it in a nice park with God and talk to Him and read, Ephesians, Galations and Philipians and then read them again, then study Romans for alittle while and open your hear to what Paul is saying, ask God to help you. You need to open your heart to Him and truly know He hears you. Don’t make any agreements that ” this is no use” bc God does not help you when you have no Faith. Believe in Him and rely on Him, talk out loud to him, trust me I do this every DAY, sometime He tells that I am misbehaving, then I have to keep quiet, sometimes i just stay in the park on my lunch break, close my eyes and listen to the wind, open myt heart to the Lord. You keep on doing this beauties, and your Faith will be so strong in the Lord, you wont be able to go a day without acknowledging him first. If your flesh tells you ” oh i can’t be bothered” your Spirit will keep it in your heart to do so…really I do this all the time.

      Most of all, stay in the light of God’s Word.

      I love you..


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