Lord, remember my prayers

When the land will be barren
Water will be colored to scarlet
And blood will flow through the valley of death
Lord, remember my prayers
From four corners of wind
Hide your anointed ones under your wings
No evil will befall us
Strengthen us in spirit
Comfort us and heal us in wilderness
May you be our pillar of faith.

Like you guided your chosen people
Out from Egypt to the Promised Land
Lord, lead this generation of faithful
From tribulation to rescue
May we not fall for unbelieving
Like the Israelites did.
Send forth your words of hope
When the sky will be dark and grey
Let your glory shine on us
May your words be the lamp unto our feet
And light unto our path.

When judgment will meet this land
We will suffer for good cause
Your Name will be proclaimed
May we earn victory as our flesh will rest.
I pray to you, my Lord
When our eyes will be wet
Take us to your loving arms
And, wipe our every tears
How will we see our beloved meet death?
Will we mourn or rejoice?
In all this, Lord may you be glorified.

I pray to you Lord
Be with us always
In joys or sorrows
We will trust in you Lord.

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