Lord Jesus cares for us

Lord Jesus cares for us

I was an above average student till my tenth standard.Then I had to change school.I missed my old class mates and my grades started going down.I was becoming lazy and loosing my interest in studies.

Vision of Jesus

Early morning one day I saw Jesus in a vision where he took hold of my hand and raised me up. I experienced peace of mind started to study but I did not spend enough time for God and again I lost the Peace God gave me Another Vision I heard the chapter 103 in the Bible read out to me and again God’s peace
came I did not study well and when I got the results I was sad.Again I prayed to God and during prayer time I heard the sound of rain and got the assuraance that he still cared for me in spite of my backslidings.I passed in the two papers I had failed but did not get good marks.I could not go to study medicine and the thouht made me very depressed I stayed in my mother’s house with her parents and her brother and his family and I was not happy with them and there came a time when I took poison .But I told my grandmother what I did and she took me to the hospital.


I was under artifical respiration and even in that time I heard a voice telling me to remember psalm 103 and I told it in my heart and a peace from God filled me and a hope that I would come out alive came to me.I saw what seemed like Heaven but couldn’t go there and saw another side a black lake with boats and boatmen waiting but a boatman said he can’t take me.I
realised that even at that point God did not want me to go to hell.I realised That God loved me very much.I also saw Jesus in a dream where I saw one side of his face bleeding and realised his great love for me.

The doctor had to do a traceostomy operation after three days to allow me to breathe on my own.After Iwent home I thought I may never get even married but I began to realise the value of my soul and decided that going to Heaven should be my most important desire always.I began to realize that
Spiritual food that is importance of prayer and Bible reading regularly giving testimonies and living a life for the glory of God is more important.

Because of God’s mercy before I finished my Master’ degree in English I had got married and was carrying my first child .God blessed me with a beutiful boy Joshan David soon afterwards. When my son was 4 months old my husband went to Saudi.When my son was one year my father passed away and I was having some hard times living with my son with my mother and brother .My
husband left the job after 4 years when he found that he cannot take us there.Then I prayed to god to bless us with another child.I took fertility treatments but it was all of no use.When I was having my tube tests I prayed to Jesus and the results showed I did not have any problem God revealed the
verse 1 Samuel 1:17 to an evangelist when he was praying for me.The verse says”Go in peace Eli answered and may the God of Israel give you what you have asked him for”.Soon afterwards when I was sleeping I felt God filling me with his Holy Spirit and I saw a baby in my womb as in a scan picture.My pregnancy test results confirmed the miracle that God did.After my second
son Johann Samuel was born God did another miracle making us start our family life together.God blessed my husband Anand with a better job .As I continue to worship God he is continuing to meet all my needs in Jesus

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