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I have been instructed by God to make preparations to leave my home for a certain period of time to be in the desert so to speak, meaning as I understand a place that is alien to me, a place to be alone but with God, and I guess my family wll know where I went but I won’t rely on their protection so much. It is quite a scary test for me, and I think the US should be a nice place to be for a certain period of time, since where I live, Mexico, we tend to have all this roman catholic churches and the few godly ones were not as godly as I suspected.

I want to find a place preferable in the US where I can find some godly churches to keep on my spiritual journey and for me to find victory over certain sins that seem predominant in my life at this time, hope the Lord can help me find victory eventually.

Anyway anyone knows of good godly churches? Also I am feeling I need to get baptized, I mean I know god since almost a decade or so, but I have never baptized in water outside when I was a little baby. So I need a church to get baptized and for spiritual growth and maybe fellowship with other christians.

So, hope anyone can help, in a few months if God be willing, I might move to the states

What do YOU think?



  1. scarletwhite says:

    Thank you for the blessing. I am not sure what I will find with my journey but lets hope its all for the best. Thank you for the recommendation, I will keep it in mind

  2. Hello! What a great honor to be doing God’s commands.It is so awesome to be an obidient child and may God bless your ride over here to the States. Where are you coming from? If you come to New York City, you are very welcome to come to our church “The Open Door Missionary”, located in the Bronx,NY on Washington ave. My uncle is the pastor.I also want to get baptized so currently I attend Bible Institute, which are college bible courses that help you understand the word of God much better. We need to know the type of commitment that comes with getting baptized, before we take that huge step. I attend these classes in another church in the Bronx aswell. It is very important that we know the word very well. That is what protects us from the Devil. He will try to attack God’s awesome plans, so have your guard up and study the word.God bless you and your family.

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