Looking For Experienced Volunteer

I am searching for someone, preferably a pastor or someone who has dedicated their entire life to serving God. I am looking for someone who is extremely, extremely holy, preferably someone who is a born again Christian having come from Hinduism or Islam, who can minister to people of other faiths who are having severe spiritual problems with demon possession and real black magic. It is best for this person's spiritual safety to be highly experienced in spiritual warfare, but is not necessary. These people contact me through my web-site only, no verbal or in person contact, which is increasing exponentially, and I do not have the ability to handle them all and I need to focus on growing the ministry web-site, and information. In the future as this ministry will grow in publicity, there will be a paid position however at this time the position is volunteer basis and will take about 5-10 hours a week, maybe more maybe less, to assist the people online from your home computer. There are many people right now who are only receiving an autoresponder to them, and I need someone to personally contact them and minister to them and follow up with them when they do not respond. They will be responsible for finding them churches and qualified people in their area who can pray on them and deliver them. They will provide prayers, which are known to help with evil problems, and become skilled to identify the types of evil problems and train others in real, life saving spiritual warfare and deliverance. They will also help teach others how to deliver themselves. This person needs to be unwavering in faith to Christ, yet at the same time open and accepting of people from other religions and guide them not through judgement, but through love. They need to be open to learning and being trained in how to identify causes of evil attachments that are afflicting the person. This is a very rare opportunity to help people in a badly needed way who are in the grips of Satan and deliver them into the hands of God, and I'm therefore looking for a very special person. 


If you know of anyone who may be interested, please pass the word on.

For questions, please contact www.black-magic-rescue.com





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