Looking Back

Over the last year the Lord has taken me so many things, it’s sometimes hard to remember everthing. One thing I feel I need to do now is give as many people the chance to hear what the Lord has done in my life since I committed my life to Him in 2001. I hope that my story will act as a source of hope and encouragement to people who suffer or know people who suffer with certain forms of mental illness such as depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia.

I am witness to the power of the love of God that has changed me in a tremendously liberating way, bringing freedom from the power of schizophrenia in my life. I no longer suffer or have done for years now, and i know my place in this world and am content in it.

knowing God has been the way I have been able to overcome. Spending time in prayer and getting to know Him more, worshipping Him and walking in faith has completely changed me on every level of my being. Knowing that God planned my life before He created the world, and knowing His plans will stand untill the end, i rest assured in the knowledge that i am safe with Him and look forwards to sharing the message of His healing and salvation power with all who will hear.

Lets expect more from the Lord than maybe we have been doing.

Love Andrew



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