During this month I would really like to ask all my brothers and sisters in Christ to reach out to other christians and let some one know you care.So many christians are taking their life but so many dont realize that this web sight is here for those that are lost,hurting or just lonely.My story about being deliverd from the suicide spirit is on this web sight and if your hurting please take the time to read it.Around the world so many people are taking their lives but I am so deeply humbled and crushed in the spirit knowing that christians are taking their lives.Please dont assume that just because you see some one in church is there that their ok.I dont mean to bother any ones joy this holiday season but I am getting reports from all over about people taking their lives.Infact one youth pastor bought several copies of my book called Suicide Spirit and handed them out all over.Please realize that lonelyness,depression and feeling sad brings a person to isolation than they look at suicide.If you know of a person like this take a meal to them,invite them over,just buy them a cup of coffee.We as christians need to realize that knowing Jesus Christ isnt about us its about showing Christ love.So please just reach out because you dont know what little you do can save a persons life.If you dont believe me talk to God in prayer and he will show you.Thanks so much Tim T

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  1. Thank you for such awesome comments.When my wife and attended a maga church years ago and we heard that the pastors son took his life it was a shock to so many,but I dont want to sound heart less but you are right.Most churches people wear a smile and act happy but the rate of suicide,demestic violence,child abuse,porn,or those that are turning their heart to other gods is much worse than most people can fathom.My dear friend Dr.Dean Helland who has been a missionary for 25 years a pastor for 15 years and now a professor up at O.R.U said Tim the reason why I love you and your minestry is because I have watched the church reject more people to day than ever before because the church really wants healthy people but the church has forgotten that Jesus reached out to the sick.So many christians say I cant believe this or that happened in my church but I really wonder how many people read their word because Apostle Paul even had to deal with a young man having sex with his mother so if that was going on back than just know that theres so much more evil today.When I started reaching out to those involved in deep sexual sins,I was amazed how many people are coming forward and openly admitting they cant go a whole day at work with out masturbating and to my surprise its not just a male hidden sin its males and females.See the church needs to get back to their first love andstart breaking demonic curese over people and breaking generational curses over people.I have seen to many christians give their legal rights to Satan to where I believe that christians need to take back what the enemy has stolen.I find it so sad that God gave us his word to study,his word to trust,his sons blood,the cross,the Holy Spirit,and he has given us his unfailing love but yet the divorce rate,child murders,demestic violence,alcaholism,meth addictions,and porn addictions are getting worse in the church eash and every day.Just last summer in BIG BOLD BLACK LETTERS a pastor beheaded his wife.See I am so heart broken that christians have so much power and authority but they are to scared to use it.I have actualley had more than one minestry say Tim we love what your doing but we cant have you speak at our church because were of afraid of the consequences of what Satan will do if you speak at our church.What a shame because Jesus Christ is so awesomeand so much more powerful than Satan and yet they haveno faith or trust in this so Satan has got this mega church right where he wants them and that is bound by one of his demons.Well happy new year and I pray God continues to give you greater insight and wisdom….Be blessed Tim

  2. MelodyCat says:

    Christmas/New Year is the time for family gatherings or getting together with friends. However, not everyone will be invited to be with family and friends. Many who come to Church often don't have close family or friends to celebrate these holiday events. That can often lead to, as you said TIM, "Lonliness, Depression and even in some cases Suicide". My brother only has one sibling and that's me. We sort of get along but I'm not his first choice to celebrate anything with and since his divorce many years ago this time of year has been difficult for him (the kids go to be with mum). Fortunately if he doesn't get any invitations to go elsewhere he will come last minute to my place and that was the case again this year. At least he had plans for New Years Eve other than having to spend it with his sister and brother-in-law. Fortunately for my brother he always gets invited by my hubby and I each year to spend it with us even though we would rather he had elsewhere to go (I'm not going to lie about it my brother broods he didn't have a better place to go to and we have to cop the sour attitude and it isn't pleasant). Many people don't have a family member or friend to rely on each year to open their place to them over the holidays. My hubby & I have kept an eye out for others who might be spending the holidays alone. Asking is the only way to find out. I've got my hubby & mother and we like each others company and while we have each other we are right. We see our Christmas and New's Years as not ours but to share. This year we only had my brother and his new girlfriend whose family didn't want them over. Fortunately for them we cook for a few extra just in case. We thought our neighbour who lives alone might be in need of a last minute place to go but he had an invite the night before. I agree most people you meet at Church put a smile on their faces and you think they are OK. If you take the time to ask and you are a sincere listener(most won't talk to someone they know is not trustworthy or really doesn't care) you will find the truth behind the smiles. You can always manage to set a place for one more. Who knows you might even find yourself entertaining an Angel of the Lord. Cheers MelC

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