Hello brothers and sisters! I just wanted to let all of you know how happy I am living my life with the Lord. Sometimes I dont understand his love. But i will love him back with all of my forces. I am so grateful to have know the Lord at such an early age. I could have spent the next 20,30,40,or even 50 years with out knowing about him. I am so thankful that he came in to my life and is showing me the truth through him.I am 19 years old,and went through alot of hardship at a very young age. I was living a life that was destryoing my soul and love for myself. I was in need of a strong love to fill in the empty void in my heart. Ofcourse i tried to find it in all the wrong places, until the Lord brought me to his feet. When I started to getting to know the Lord that void kept filling up little by little. It is not yet full because I have so much to learn about him but I am so grateful that he talks to me through phrophets and dreams. He also touches me with his fire through prayer. I feel so fortunate that he is paying so much attention to me. I look for him in every and anyway that I can. I beg him to please speak to me! I beg for his love becuase I am so addicted to the Holy Spirit and the way it burns my heart and soul. WOW what an awesome feeling! BUT, I know that being a christian is not easy. The Devil still tries to attack me with things that I used to do when I was not with the Lord. And sometimes I feel like the Lord is not by myside,but I rebuke those thoughts because God is always with us. When I go through my thunder storms the Lords keeps me at peace, and I make sure to yell out “I LOVE YOU LORD AND WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU!”,so I can make it through the days where I feel lonely and so that the Devil can hear me. Man, I cant stand the Devil, he thinks he is smart, he may have tricks up his sleeve, but he is the dumbest creature in all universe! How do you try to be better than the one who created you??? How dumb could you get? I will never understand the Devil’s ignorance,but what I do know is that he wants to drown us chrsitians!! That is why we HAVE TO STUDY THE BIBLE! We have to sign up for bible institute,we have to dedicate time the word. The DEVIL KNOWS THE WORD INSIDE AND OUT, he just twists the word to trick us. We have to know the word to defeat his tricks. Once again being Christian is not all “joly joly”. It’s dedication to the Lord and being wise through the word. Our reward for all of the pain we go through, is to be with the Lord himself. THE LORD IS OUR REWARD, HIS LOVE, HIS MERCY, HIS COMPASSION, HIS BLESSINGS IS OUR REWARD AND THER IS NOTHING ON THIS EARTH BETTER. He created all, and if we ask he will give. Thank you for taking time out to read my thoughts. May God bless you and give you strength to walk in his path.

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