Liver Cancer and was told he only had 4-6 Months to Live today.

Today I heard from my closest friend and I have come here to ask for a prayer for A Miracle in her Dads Life. His name is. JERRY DOLINSKI. He was told that he only has 4-6 montHs to Live. I Don’t know if it is the Will of God or not, All I see is that he is a Brother in Christ Jesus. And his daughter & I had our Hearts sown together as kids. AnD her family has been a blessing to me & many others. Her Dad is a Babe in Christ Jesus, But if this is Not Gods will than we need a miracle if it is Gods will than we need prayers for comorting him and his family. I ask this for our Family; all of our on-line & worldwide family we are told to and Can you imagine the great things we are capable of when we all call upon the Name of the lord for our fellow Prince & Princess’. We all are called to a great commission so I’m asking for us to unite and seek God First amd to Boldly go & ask for not just him but for everyone here. Thank you for hearing me and I remain faithfully you sis in Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Annette Muth

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  1. Annette says:

    ON Jerry DolinSki, He is still needing deliverance from the liver Cancer. I. Just Continue to Ask for prayers For this Child of GOD. And I can only humbly request that those whom God has called to Pray for him, please do not cease. ALSo on a posistive note, I had just added his family on my prayer list for those whom need To be Saved And received word from Jerrys Daughter and My dearest friend that They were All saved lastnight! Oh Praise the Lord, For He HAs donE Great things! Amen. Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

  2. lookinforacity says:

    Thank you everyone for your prayers.
    251/2 hrs. after being taken off life support, God called our brother home.
    May we all have as easy a transition as he did.

    Don’t mourn for me, when I am gone.
    Don’t mourn for the things, I will miss.
    For I behold the SON Rising over Glory.
    With Salvation in His wings.


  3. lookinforacity says:

    Have just received a call informing me, a dear friend and brother in the Lord, has had a massive stroke and heart attack, the family has been notified to come.
    If there isn’t improvement by Monday morning, they will turn off all life support.
    Your prayers are desperately needed at this time.


  4. To each and every dear one who has and will take the time to praye fOr Jerry I just am moved with compassion and want to bless all of you for if god has moved you to pray for him of your Free will, This is a great offering & I know that the Lord is mightily pleased. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers & to keep you informed on jerry’s condition. Love, your sis in Christ jessus, Annette

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      last year,this time,my mother in law was given 2 days or 2 hrs to live,heart valves failing and then kidneys shuting down,churches praying and the family called,waiting for her to die,she is 86,I went also to a church,went to the alter as soon as I got there,and told them pay me no mind,have your service,I prayed for 1 more year,over and over,for about a hour or so,until the service was over,the past 2 weeks were the 1 year, doing fine until last week,everything started shuting down again,God honored the request,there are witnesses to this,any way she went to 1 hosptal,stayed 1 week,they gave her 3 days,and sent her home to die,so the family carried her to another hospital,they tried all,but said 1 to 3 days,this past wed,my mother in law,was hurting and breathing so hard,she for the 1st time ever said give me morphine,which would have sent her on to God,as the nurse was inches from the shot into her arm,she said,stop I feel better,1 half hour before,myself and a church I called had prayer,today I was just told,everything ,heart and kidneys are working fine,we will see,next year, God is always on the job,when we put our trust in him,never late,but often at the last minute,so tell this to your friend and tell them God’s mind can be changed and his heart can be touched,praise God!!!! been waiting to see if he would do it 1 more time,before I told this,eitherway a miracle,looks like a double miracle

  5. lookingforhope2011 says:

    I come into agreement with all my brothers and sisters for Jerry’s healing, that the mighty hand of God almighty reach down and heal him completely from head to foot and make him a mighty testifying warrior for Jesus!

  6. childofjesus says:

    King of kings & Lord of lords, I commit our Br. Jerry into your precious Hands. Lord, we have got a bad report that he is going to live only for 4-6 months.Lord ! nothing is impossible for you..Grant him complete healing & long life..
    In Jesus Healing Name i pray..

  7. lookinforacity says:

    O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from our brother Jerry: nevertheless, if this cup may not pass away from him, except he drink it, not as we will, but as thy will be done.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      I know this may sound strange,but the cure is this,if you have a church,get in the alter or prayer closet and stay until healed,no matter how long it takes,You can be healed this way,God can change his mind if its time,This I know,I have done it. No one ever pressed until they touched Jesus left without their healing, but they went past the normal to get it. healing is not what we feel,or think it is a willingness to trust enough to tarry until. if the family will stop what their doing,gather together and pray the windows will open and healing will come.FAITH, Now God Almighty I know your arm is not shortened and it can reach down and heal Jerry,from the top of his head to the souls of his have a heart that can be touched by us mortals,so we seek this healing with a whole heart,doupting nothing and expecting in faith,in Jesus name,and thank you,amen

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