Live to die or Die to Live

Do you live to die or do you die to live. Many people today even Christian only live to die, only here to enjoy life’s pleasure and satisfy their own desires. Only thinking about if they have done what they wanted to do before the end of their lives. But as a believer in Jesus Christ we have to die to live. Jesus said pick up your cross and flow me, he ask us to be a living sacrifice, and he said we are counted as sheep for the slaughter. Paul wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit we must crucify the flesh every day. A major part of being a Christian is dying to one’s self so that Christ may be shown forth in our lives. God said it is appointed once for everyman to die, if some of us are going to be alive when CHRIST returns to this earth all of us will not be dead physically this means that the deaf of a Christian is not the one referred to as the physical deaf only but the dying to one’s self.

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