Life is falling apart before it even begins

Please help me. I have been dealing with the sin of sexual imorality. I haven’t had sex
but the actions and thoughts that keep coming at me and breaking me are leading me to it. Im only in high school i still have the rest of my life ahead of me I don’t want it to end with one mistake. In church i have been having many prophecies and they seem so wonderful and great, but I dotn know if i will ever reach them if i dont get past this problem. It has been going on since the 5th grade!!!! and im sick and tired of
it but no matter what i do i cant keep from looking at images and doing things that i
know i shouldnt be doing. I dont want to hear its normal. Its not normal to be looking at pictures and doing sexual things over and over again. If its not ok with the Lord then its not ok with me. I have prayed prayed prayed time and time after again but
i just cant seem to shake this terrible habbit off. Sometimes im able to stop looking at pornography or masterbaiting for a short period of time BUT THATS NOT ENOUGH. I have been dealing with this since the 5th grade!!! and i dont like it. The devil has knocked me down so many times to the point where i stopped reading my bible then stopped going to church. I feel like all hope is lost but im trying to hang in there with the last bit of faith i have left and im putting it into this paragraph im writing. I was born from my mom and dad having unprotected sex. I know my dad and i talk to him but we dont get along. I dont want to end up the same way my parents did and i dont want my kids to go through what i had to go through. SO PLEASE HELP ME I CANT HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!!

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