Life after divorce

How do you see what is biblically required of a divorcee?

God says we are one flesh and only by the death of one are we released from this. All sins are forgiven by God, excepting the one against the Holy Spirit, but in a broad sense divorce (although not a sin in itself but abhorred by our Lord) seems to be another. Or I should say to divorce and to marry again, this leads to the sin- adultery.
Is there no forgiveness, ever, for those who remarry until the death of one (original) partner and then repentance?
How come ministers don’t preach and advise against this? Am I missing something?

The question for me here is how are we to go on after divorce and stay in God’s grace?
Your comments will be much appreciated.

I just want to add that we have a blessed site here with God filled/led brothers and sisters and we are very fortunate to know that the best advise is always given!
God bless you.

Jesus loves you!

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