Lets run into God’s abundant grace!

Hear all peoples, the Lord, the Lord is One! Praise His most high name!
His living word is pure light, shining forth in illuminating brilliance in the darkness

Trust in the Living God, for He has all that we truly seek, He is good and we need Him, whether we know it or not!
Come all peoples, come to the Living One, in which there is refuge, joy, life, peace, safety, protection and true goodness.

God calls people to come into His grace, to take refuge in Him, in His grace. Everything else is loss.

Lets stop chasing after worthless idols and things which will never satisfy. Come to His grace which He has poured out abundantly in His Son, Jesus. God calls you to enter into His grace and find refuge and life. Jesus has done everything necessary and purchased everything for us! Let us stop chasing after Satan and His empty promises and lies!

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