Let us stop fighting in the name of religion & God

Let us stop fighting in the name of religion & God

This entire earth is the property of the absolute God since it is created by Him. No human being created any region of this earth and therefore the absolute right of this entire earth belongs to the absolute God only. It is the climax of foolishness of human beings to fight and kill each other for the sake of the borders of divisions of countries and for the ownership of any region on this earth.

The representatives of all the countries on this earth should unite and form a Central Government to control the terrorism in any country. It should be responsible for the peace of the entire world. If the peace is achieved in entire world in this way, it is a real achievement of the success of this holy Christmas.

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  1. crustydownunder says:

    Is this guy part of the newworldorder or what? Sure mate, why not. Lets bring in a oneworld government and have one world leader. And hey, lets call him the antichrist!

    Have a think about what you are suggesting, Man? When the earth had one language and lived together in one place, they tied to build a tower to the heavens. God didn’t think it was such a good idea and tore it down. He confused their languages, because it wasn’t a good thing. One language would have one ruler, and he would be just like Nimrod. (Remember Nimrod and his mother, the first Jezebel). Do you not read the bible at all? It tells you in revelations. The world will try to unite under one man, one government, and it will be corrupt. (Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.) There will never be peace on earth until Jesus come on the clouds and throws satan into the lake of fire. Forever.

    Besides all that, God set the boarders for Israel Himself, so do you reckon God might think boarders and boundaries are a good thing? The bible talks about the New Jerusalem the Holy city, with walls around it. If it’s good enough for God to put walls as boundaries around our heavenly home, it should be good enough for anyone.

    As for foolishness of man. WOW. God sent the Jews to fight against giants and take their land. He didn’t think it was foolish to fight and kill over boundaries. Even so, God says He uses the foolish thing to confuse the wise. Perhaps you are just a wise person.

    We all need boundaries to live within, that’s why God gave us the 10 commandments.

    Oh, having looked up your Hindu website I see you are not too wise for the rest of us, you’re just Hindu.
    Wasted my time here.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      The fact is this is happening right under our nose now,watch the news, N.W.O is coming together and antichrist is alive and also right under our nose. The good news is the soon coming of the Son of man.I’m looking forward to it..

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    The real achievement of the holy Christmas, as you put it, is when Jesus Christ Himself descends from the heavens with a cry and the shout of an archangel and retakes this earth from the power of the devil. The Bible has many many prophecies of the fulfilling of the Kingdom of God on earth. They all speak of the return of Jesus in power and armies of heaven to destroy the devil who has corrupted the hearts of man and destroyed the earth. When He comes, you will know it is he. He will not come secretly, but openly beyond the shadow of doubt.

    Mankind has tried to immitate that. Hitler himself thought the third reich to be the millennial rule. Satan is the god of this world, and he will corrupt any organization, spiritual or military, that entrenches itself for the good of mankind. When Christ comes, He personally will oversee that peace on earth is achieved. In His wisdom and love, He came as a lowly human the first time to take our sins. Our hope is in him, not in our own ability to govern the world.

    Good is greater than evil, but until Christ comes to overthrow the god of this world, it is Satan’s world to manipulate. We are called to live righteously before God in a hostile environment, just like our Lord Jesus did – to the point of being executed in the name of righteousness if need be.

  3. warrior daughter says:

    Your web site is full of error. I do not have the time to refute what you promote but I will say this about one of your belief and that is on re-incarnation.

    It is appointed for men to die ONCE but after this the judgement. Hebrews 9:27. This clearly states you have but one life …Also the entire chaper of I Corinthians 15 refutes re-incarnation and John 5:17-30.
    God does not recycle a soul. You have only one soul and that soul will always be a human soul. It can never be recycled into a animal, plant, inanimate thing or another being. Your one soul is very precious to God (the One and Only Creator of the Universe, the Heavenly Father). If you think that your suffering is from past lives, stop, you have not lived before. You are a unique being and only one of you and there will not be another like you. If you want to stop the suffering that you think that comes from past lives, Jesus is able and ready to set you free for whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

  4. The Hopeful says:

    that could never happen because sooner or later there would be a corrupt person in power.and even if it did happen there is way too much power in that theory because no one should have that kind of power except God.In human hands control of the entire world by one central gov would just be asking for failure.at least thats what i think. πŸ™‚

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