Leroy Hicks – out of alcoholism

This is my Testimony of what the Lord Jesus has done for me. My name is Leroy I am 53 years old and I am a recovered Alcoholic, you noticed that I didn’t say recovering alcoholic, I have already recovered by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony, I am a new Creation Created in Christ Jesus for good works, Old things have passed away and all things are new, you see that Old Man is gone, Praise God.

Yes I fought the battle of the bottle for more than 30 years. There were times when in a drunken stupor I’d cry out to the Lord for help, I wanted to stop drinking but couldn’t, I was in and out of church most of my life trying to serve the Lord the best way I knew how, but the desire for a drink was stronger than I was, I would soon find my self back in the bottle. The devil would tempt me with the thoughts of suicide, but I still could hear the Lord’s voice saying no that’s not the way. But on August 1, 1991 I had a heart attack and could have died if it wasn’t for the mercy of the Lord while I laid there on my sick bed Jesus was knocking on my heart’s door. I made a decision that day to return to church, where I belonged in the first place. The Old Devil tried to kill me, but Jesus came on the scene and when Jesus shows up, things happen. That night somewhere in time I was total and completely delivered from Alcohol and I have to this day never touched another drink..Praise God. Jesus took this Old Drunk, put a guitar in my hands, I now Play and Sing in Church for the Lord.

There is hope for everyone that has a drinking or drug problem, Jesus can and will set you free like I was. It feels good to wake up in the mornings not worrying where my next drink is coming from. You see, I am a walking, talking, miracle of God, what I couldn’t do Jesus did. Yes, there are still life’s problems, but now I can face them with the help of the Lord Jesus. Why, not except him into your life today, Jesus is there to help. You may say, I don?t need Jesus, but everyone needs Jesus . . .

Leroy Hicks

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  1. Praise God for his grace and mercy!!!! Now keep your eyes always focused on Jesus not man!

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