Learning, understanding and searching deeper meaning of the word of God and getting closer to my maker!

Thanks lots for this site! I found it today after searching for long on confusion on topics like deliverance, curses and how can one be free from these bondages! My life has been in circles and have gone to various depths searching for the causes behind but to no avail, non were found until I challenged myself. I said to myself, all academics, skills and trainings I am successful but why am I not in the word and where exactly am I missing?

I moved from a mega church, stopped following sessions of deliverance, searching for reasons behind what was or happening in my life; especially the root cause! My siblings, just like Job started to desert me, telling me that its because I have sins or am a witch etc all sorrts. During the first days, i used to be hurt/hate, not forgiving and resorted to keeping myself alone! But in this local church that i joined recently, there is time to be alone and search more deeper meanings of the word.

As I am continuing reading articles from this site, even if I do not have lots and the challenges are still there. The only difference is that I am no longer searching or running to attend every deliverance service or prophesis because I know that if I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and saviour of my life and he died to because of debts, and whom he sets free will be free in deed! I am free and I can go to sleep without sleeping tablets.

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