Learning to Say Farewell!!!

Goodbye to you my Christian Neighbors,
I truly wish that I was the right person and this was the right time to share all the things that I now know are right… But I can leave you with this; soon believers in Messiah will be persecuted in mass numbers and some will be put to death. Am I saying in 2012, not quite but soon enough. You may or may not see that the people who are being persecuted for the Faith in Messiah will be Messianic Hebrew Israylites. But if you do see this then know that we are not just another “Black Liberation/Power/Empowerment Movement”. Nor are we the new terrorists. We believe in the Holy Word of YAH and are going to be transgressed for it. It is because of us that you will see that the once tolerated Christianity will become another potential terrorist religion.
Hopefully at that time things will be set right for the Word to be brought over the world. For the good news is not truly accepted or spread until all know who the true Israyl of the Bible is. I do not make myself a prophet before you; but I know that the words I am departing you all with are trustworthy and true. If anything I’ve said before now was just rubbish to you…TEST THIS SPIRIT AND LOOK TO SEE IF THESE WORDS ON THIS THREAD ARE TRUE!!! I am an Israylite by blood and spirit and I will do my best to make sure that I make it to the first ressurection and that anyone whoever it may be amongst men and women may find a place in the first ressurection as well…

***Michael this is your site and I will not remain here as if only to agitate you; I will do as you requested and find another site to share these words with. I will pray for you and your website.

Be Blessed My Christian Neighbors!!! And Farewell.
In the Name of Yahoshua Ha Messhiac/ a humbled servant, Misha’yl Ben Israyl

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