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I want this site to contain valuable resources for people who aspire to be effective leaders – whether it be in Christian ministry, in the marketplace, or in the family. While compiling this information, I am trusting that the Lord will quicken these principles to me as well, so that I can be as Christlike as possible.

Why be a leader?

I remarked to one pastor in Mumbai city one time – “leadership is pain”. He didn’t deny it – he agreed. Christian leaders are called to let death and pain work in them so that life and blessings come to others. Sometimes you get a lot of misunderstanding, criticism and disappointment if you are a leader.

So why be a leader? Some want to be leaders to meet their ego needs – to validate their own sense of significance or importance. Some may want to be leaders to obtain the recognition of others. Some want leadership because they like to control and influence others – they like power. Others like the money. These reasons are all inadequate for a Disciple of Jesus. We are warned in the Bible against loving money, against lording it over people or against doing things for the recognition of men. So why be a leader?

I believe the reason we should aspire to leadership is because we are called to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is the greatest human leader of all time. To despise leadership is to a certain extent to despise Christ.

There are other reasons also – which are of secondary importance. It has been stated and taught that an organization never rises above the level of the leadership. So if we care about the quality of people in our organization, we have to be interested in leadership. The fact is that a team of people united in purpose under effective leadership can do far more than any of them could as an individual, and even more than the sum total of the parts. Good leadership results in effectiveness in the implementation of the God given vision, and that should concern us if we have a heart for God’s Kingdom.

So now that we know why we should aspire to leadership, the question is how to be the best leaders we can be. We also need to know what leadership is, where leadership is established and when leadership should be exercised.

As the Lord enables me, I will compile material in this section on leadership which I hope will be a blessing to all. I hope I will be learning the most from it because I want to be what Christ wants me to be.

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