Laughing in the Spirit

I’ve read a number of articles on ‘Laughing in the Spirit’. Many support this, but a few don’t, some even describe it as demonic. It’s a long story, the details of which I will post soon, but I’ve come to God without going through any religious upbringing or ‘type’ of church, ie: Baptist, Anglican etc. Everything that has happened to me is totally new, and I am in unchartered territory. I started with tears, this went on for 6 months or so, then when I changed churches, half way through crying I began laughing. This has now grown so much that I find myself feeling heavy (not oppressed) and I can only get comfy on the floor. I also laugh when the pastor says certain things, it’s almost as if there’s a spiritual agreement there. The laughing brings on peace calm joy reassurance, love and a feeling of acceptance, hardly demonic. I have experienced the other side too, and I can assure you laughing is decidedly of God.

I list all the premonitions, dreams, and spiritual events, both good and bad that I’ve had, I’m up to 80 so far in the last few years, and this is growing weekly.

What do YOU think?



  1. Ruy Lezama-Fisk says:

    Times we’re currently living are very dangerous because of a lot of confusion in the spiritual realm. Let us remember that the enemy of every christian individual knows better: “Sheol and destruction are never full;
    so the eyes of man are never satisfied.” Prov. 27:20. For that reason, the hybrid (the result of a mating between a spiritual being and a human one) which is scheduled to come up in this world any time soon will perform amazing miracles in such a way that he will even make fire come down from heaven.
    I would prefer to have my spiritual needs filled by seeing a brother or sister in Christ who shows 3 fruits of the Holy Spirit instead of seeing another who shows zero fruits and laughs like crazy especially when praying for another person. In my opinion, the enemy will always try, always and again and again will try to impress everyone with what our EYE
    wants to see: the supernatural power. We shouldn’t accept the fact that laugh will always come from the power of God in someone’s innermost. We shouldn’t let ourselves run away with emotions by believing that laughther comes necessarily from God… I knew of a church whose members started suddenly laughing, then dancing (I’m not against dance),
    then shouting without ceasing, then acting as if they were apparently drunk, and finally they all ended up just in the altogether, buck-naked…you name it. Worst scenario would be if you, reader, told me that such manifestation came from the Almighty God.



  3. Although there is absoultely no bible scripture to support laughing in th Spirit there are scriptures that tell us that we will have joy unspeakable. I think laughing is just a human response to the power of God. I have been in church over 40 years and a minister for more than 20 and have only seen one or two people laugh uncontrollbly. I think it is just how that particular person responds to the spirit. write or wrong I think it is ok as long as it does not get rediculous and become embarressing. remember Jesus Christ is a perfect gentleman and we all must follow his example. the bible says he did not raise his voice in the streets which means we must be meek and temperate in all things. enjoy the laughter but remember that YOU control how you respond to the spirit…..the bible says that the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets and the whole church should be on at least the first level of prphetic gifting so we are all prophets…..lets control ourselves.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      this was more popular in the latter rain back in the 1900s,but stills happens today,When a person prays through ,and power from on high fills a hungry vessel,we have to do something,the power is to strong not to. Some laugh,some cry,some run,some shout, Its a shame that church services end so soon,these days,and miss great outpourings. the old saying goes,people miss something after its gone,but don’t care for it when its plentiful.

      • I agree with you here.

        It would be great if there was enough spiritual hunger to press on in God so as to receive something special from the Lord.

        I think we get into a pattern where we don't care too much if nothing outstanding happens – we expect it, and that's a shame.

        Short church services are popular because its proven that this helps to attract and retain more people – but we should care more about how GOD feels about it.

  4. Redbuck40 says:

    Yes I agree this laughter is of god, but this god is the one you have made up.

    The scriptures give us clear guidelines to test what is from the Spirit, what example from scripture did you use?

    Maybe you will use verses like ‘turn your weeping into laughter’ and ‘blessed are those who weep now, for later they will laugh’. But you will have a hard time backing up your experience by scripture.

    So it made you feel good? How nice, well I can show you many a person who is at peace with the world and is rushing to Hell. Feeling good is not the proof test of an experience of God.

    Jesus himself never promised ease and happiness, but ‘in the world you will find big trouble, but cheer up I have overcome the world’ Cheer up here doesn’t mean sessions of laughter.

    I suppose that barking like a dog, if it makes you feel better, could be called ‘Barking in the spirit’.

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