Laughing in the Spirit

I’ve read a number of articles on ‘Laughing in the Spirit’. Many support this, but a few don’t, some even describe it as demonic. It’s a long story, the details of which I will post soon, but I’ve come to God without going through any religious upbringing or ‘type’ of church, ie: Baptist, Anglican etc. Everything that has happened to me is totally new, and I am in unchartered territory. I started with tears, this went on for 6 months or so, then when I changed churches, half way through crying I began laughing. This has now grown so much that I find myself feeling heavy (not oppressed) and I can only get comfy on the floor. I also laugh when the pastor says certain things, it’s almost as if there’s a spiritual agreement there. The laughing brings on peace calm joy reassurance, love and a feeling of acceptance, hardly demonic. I have experienced the other side too, and I can assure you laughing is decidedly of God.

I list all the premonitions, dreams, and spiritual events, both good and bad that I’ve had, I’m up to 80 so far in the last few years, and this is growing weekly.

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