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Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. (1 Thes 5:19-21)

These are prophecies and prophetic revelations I received July 2011

I was asking a friend about what the problem with the high divorce rate in the U.S was. The answer they gave me was “The Woman”. I told them that I disagreed with this answer, not knowing that it was a prophecy (they then later told me this was the answer the Lord spoke to them to tell me), but a few months later, I was speaking about the same subject, when the Lord suddenly gave me the following prophecy:

“The problem with women is that they want their egos constantly fed without them being considerate to other people.”

We can see through scripture that this was actually the start of all the problems for the world, as Eve, wanting her ‘ego’ to be fed, ate the fruit, without consideration for Adam, or the generation that she would birth (Gen 3:6). Women throughout the whole Bible have caused great men and leaders to fall, or have at least prevented them from walking in the fullness of their destiny. This problem seems to be repeated all throughout history (e.g Solomon, Samson and many others) even to this day.

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. (Genesis 3:6)

The Lord is leading me to write a teaching on women which I am preparing and has given me a few other prophecies in the meantime:

“God has allowed a flaw in women because man needs the satisfaction that makes him feel he is her savior in a similar way to the way Christ is the Savior of the flawed world. For as Christ is head of the Church, man is the head over woman.” (The Lord indeed gave woman a sort of ‘flaw’ in Gen 3:16)

“The problem with women is that they want their egos satisfied to feel that they are in control whether through blatant or subtle means, as they do not understand the true authority they can have, so they seek this through a corrupted form because the world doesn’t teach them this authority, nor have they experienced it, so they fall for what the world gives them.”

“Women have no conscience to ensure that they do not deprive the man of all truth.”

“Women lack dimensional understanding for long term truth which is why they become unreasonable, to achieve their selfish aspirations subject to their limited understanding”.

July 2011 People do not love themselves as they ought to which is why they do not obey the Lord, and they do not care about their own well being. They love themselves on a superficial level and do things that are superficial.

July 2011 “For I am the Lord I change not” This means that God is unchangeable in His changeability. (Ezekiel 33:12-16, Samuel 2:30)

July 2011 People’s friendliness towards each other is a temporal sustenance for their self interests.

July 2011 The Church is accountable for causing the world to see the delusion they are living in.

July 2011 If the saints truly obeyed the Lord then the world would be won.

July 2011 A note about God’s people: “They know me not!” (Mat 7:21-23)

July 2011 If My people knew me, they would obey. (John 14:21)

July 2011 God is not subject to the protocol and the understanding of how the church believes things should be worked out because that is how the Pharisees worked.

July 2011 The Lord is in control of all things.

July 2011 Even though the Lord shall provide all our needs, our practical provision, at the same time He has to work in such a way that shows that He is not subject to the world’s system so that His glory will be shown. The Lord works in a way contrary to the world’s system to show the foolishness of people who rely on their own understanding.

For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom (1 Cor 1:25)

July 2011 The Lord says: “Do what you can now and I shall release the finances.”

July 2011 The Lord showed me that when asking for practical provision for ministry, that it is like when you are building a house, you do not have all the materials of a finished house in front of you but you work with what you can and what is needed at that moment, for example when building the foundation you just need the cement, the steel rods etc, and as you finish that then the Lord will provide the bricks, and then after you build with the bricks, the Lord will start providing everything else until the house comes to completion. And the reason is because God does not want to take away our dependency on Him.

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