KaiserSprache-“Ruler of my Tongue” AKA Max, howdy y’all.

Hey all, 

I am a graduate from Evangel university. I am more than a little soured on the AG. Am active on the TV team at Faith Life Church in Branson MO under Keith and Phyllis Moore. Want to learn to use this magnificent weapon we have called “faith” to grasp the life Jesus bought for me. I wrote a book a few years ago that NO ONE read called Dangerous Christianity. I was just writing as I was being led and then stumbled upon a Word of Faith church that was already teaching stuff that I thought I had blazed a trail for. As I have immersed myself into the Word of Faith world, I see that I was mistaken at a few points but was also right on target with much of it. I found many of the same things I wrote in Brother Moore’s messages and E.W. Kenyon’s books. I guess there is nothing new under the sun. Anyway, glad to find a community of believers. I hope I’m in the right the place. The last time I tried one of these forums, I just kept running into people that love to argue. I am not looking for debates. I am looking for edification and instruction. Hope to do some sharpening with brothers and sisters in the faith. 

What do YOU think?



  1. rhonda0113 says:

    Wonderful site!! God is so amazing, you know i realy never felt love like the love of God before. I gave my life to the Lord in 2004, and backslide that was very hard to go through. Once you know God, you dont ever want to live without him. Iam working on myself, well let me say he is working on me once again. He has delivered me from drugs, a pit of darkness, the prison on the inside is so terrible. i servered time in a state prison around metel fences and that was easy compared to the prison on the inside. God is good!!! not only did God, set me free, from drugs, but from hoplessness, anger, wothlessness, resntment, bitterness, lust, rejection, abandment,worry, fear doubt,past hurts as a child, you name it i was in bondage with it . What Jesus did for us on the cross he took all of our sins, i was just reading a book and it was saying that jesus died of a heartache that made me cry . if i could just help one or two find the true answer to all there problems to find the true way in life the only way in life. i cant stand to think about all them kids and moms and dads still in so much pain and hurt this world gives to them, i started back to school at the age of 40 for drug conselor, i am a living testimony that there is a True God , one and only Jesus name above all names king of kings, Lord of lords. what and amazing God we serve

  2. Katiehugs says:

    I have just joined this place also. I am expecting good things. If someone comes to argue, you don’t need to entertain them : )

    • Glad you came here. Please feel free to share something about yourself, things you are thinking about, whatever!

  3. MWalker says:

    hello, how are u

  4. MWalker says:

    hello, how are u

  5. faithishearing says:

    Greetings and welcome. I hope that you can find the edification you need here. This website has helped me a lot in my walk with Christ, and I am sure that it can help you as well.

  6. michael says:

    Hope we can have some good interaction. Hopefully we will all learn more about how to grow in faith and walk closely with God.

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